Marquis on the balcony

In every friggin game on Overgrowth there usually is a Marquis standing on the ledge, 3 shots and the tank is dead. He crits while jump/strafing all the time. And noone does anything about it. Whats a Montana or any other tank gonna do when nobody pushes Marquis away there???

People say “just AOE him away”…great, he steps to the side and is there again after 5 seconds. But usually he tanks the AOE.

People say “melee rush him”…i have seen tons of melees rushing up and being killed by Marquis pistol, time stop and owls, if he even needs them. Shields are useless against him, he just oneshoots them.

He even strafe-jumps in the middle of our base, people shooting him, not hitting of course, he takes down 1-2 and hops out again.

I dont believe all Marquis players are such great gamers. Or most of other players just suck.

/rant over (learn to play my ass%$)

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A good / great Marquis can have a disproportionate impact on the game, right from the start. I agree, an un-harassed one can be a tremendous pain, especially playing as a larger character. This describes every sniper in every FPS.

There’s no real easy solution if you don’t have a stealth assassin or a good Marquis of your own to counter snipe. The only thing I’ve seen work is if your entire team retakes the middle, you rob him of his cozy nest. You all have to go at once, otherwise he will continue to pick off the few that poke their heads around that corner.

With his pimp slap of justice, he’s pretty hard to get close to as a Melee too. Hope you have some stuns ready to go!

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I feel you, man. I absolutely hate playing as Monty or ISIC against him because of his damage, but his bonus damage is going to be reduced from 50% to 25%, so that should help some.

Tell your team you’re not going out unless somebody knocks him off of his ledge. I generally try to stay out of his line of sight and go after minions and other enemy BB. If you can get him alone or down to just one team member, you can generally push him off. Oscar Mike’s napalm is also a good counter. With Monty, I’ll activate Hailstorm and shoot him until I either need to leave or he does. If I can’t take him out, I’ll stick behind cover so he can’t take potshots at me.

Yup, he can be a pain, but I usually play as characters that can harass him to no end, esp Boulder/Deande. If possible I make the enemy teams ledge my home.

Boldurdash can ruin any marquis players day. RUN RUN FROM BOLDUR!!!

Yeah he’s a right pain in the ass, but Overgrowth layout exacerbates his influence.

You literally have to have one person babysit the ledge to keep Marquis off it, it’s a full-time job and pain in the ass.

The key to overgrowth is holding the middle. If you aren’t holding the middle, keeping control of the shock turret, and pushing the balcony, then you are probably having a bad game regardless of Marquis.

Well, luckily, they are taking down his consecutive hit damage bonus so that should make things easier,Other than that, the best you can do is try to spook him. Chin check him every now and again. Characters with DoT are great for this as it can keep him out of the nest for a little bit. The key is to try to keep the pressure on him. It’s not always easy (sometimes it’s not possible), but without you’re own ranged Battleborn, you have to do what you can to make him flustered.

They’re also indirectly nerfing him as he has one of the strongest quick melees and that’ll be a lot better.

Honestly it ends up coming down to you either hook him off with Ghalt, pull him off with Gali or one of your ranged just sits up their to stop him from coming up the stairs.

If you pick big bodies into this character its just death because the damage is free.

Just stay out of his sight and pick another teammate with stun to gank him right there. But when I am the tank and there’s a Marquis there, what I do for the team is I just jump and fool around the 1st sentry entrance, because I am the biggest and most obvious target the Marquis has to shoot at; then let my teammates take care of that ****. Right there, when the team makes the kill off the Marquis, that stupid **** loses the motivation and he starts to do vengeance killing, thus taking off his focus on the game. Works most of the time.

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I played a match where Marquis stood on top of the door entryway into the bunker in Overgrowth and fired from there and due to his size, I didn’t even realise it. He can be beat, but you just have to be smart about it. :slight_smile:

Ghalt is really good on overgrowth. Every time there is a marq I just hook him off and beating him silly against the wall. Some times they just stick to the stairs where you can only see their head pop up though… That should be fixed lol… But you can still easily harass him there with ghalt