Marquis Overgrowth fix cannot come soon enough :|

I mean really, almost every other battle with Marquis and the ezcheese.

Sorry, had to vent, don’t mind me. ( . _.)"

This might seem like shameless self promotion,but my video is unlisted and it’s dedicated just for people like you,so:


takes and tips Marquis’ hat Because you sir, deserve it more than he. ( ^ -^)b

Thankfully it wasn’t only me! I just wish to promote this sort of behavior so we can have more interesting,more enjoyable games with mutual respect no matter loss or win!

Fortunately, I’ve NEVER dealt with Marquis cheese. He’s always more interested in sniping players or minions, not the opposing sentry across the map. It sucks for those that have to deal with it, it just has never been a big deal for me.

You shouldn’t have said that. It’s always when you say it that it starts happening.

I know. (T-T)

I have to agree, as someone who mains Marquis (well…as much as I can main someone lol), I hate seeing Marquis hide in the sweet spot to snipe