Marquis Owl Reveal

Since the update to his reveal I don’t see his owls revealing anything anymore. I understand why they nerfed the area of affect but I think they made it too small. I had put up owls all over our base on incursion and still that Pendles was able to sneak in without being revealed at all, and no he didn’t destroy the owls as they were all still intact. Are the owls even working now? I’ve been playing Marquis a lot since the update and I have not seen his reveal unstealth any character.


Have you played with one person, gone into Private and tested it out? I would, but don’t have any friends to try it. :slight_frown:

Finally seen it happen in a match tonight. But the area of affect is pretty small now.

They work but their radius was nerfed in the last update

Meh. Haven’t noticed anything. If it’s too much of an issue, you could try the helix that lets you have out more Hoodinis?