Marquis - Owls too Powerful and/or Tips to Deal with?

I am still relatively new to battleborn and dont have a full understanding of the meta. But I have noticed as well as had extreme difficulty playing a stealth hero against Marquis. If I pick a stealth hero and the enemy has marquis it feels like a 4v5 all of a sudden. (just destroy the owls… stealth owls. destroy it anyway…he already threw a new owl up soon as you destroyed the owl.)

So are marquis owls too powerful or is there something i simply dont understand yet.

There is the thing… a Marquis player will have to decide if his Hoodini (that’s the name of the Owl) is cloaked or if it has the Ability to uncloak stealth characters… the last option, that a visible Hoodini will always land a hit, gets rather seldomly picked, as they don’t have a lot of live and can be killed rather easy if hit by enemies…

Also, they need a little start up time, the Marquis player picks the spot, then the Owl takes flight and after reaching the spot it will circle in wait for an enemy to approach…

If your enemy Marquis is Level 2 he gets to Augement it, so the first thing you should do is notice what Augment he picked… if it’s visible and won’t hit you if your behind enviorment, it is surely the one that decloaks.

Also you should keep an eye out, as most likely, they will be placed around corners so you have a hard time spotting them until it’s too late… try to remember there they were when they attacked since he will likely just throw out the next one.

If you are not playing a melee only character like Attikus or Rath, you can always try to kill them from afar.

And be aware of your mini-map, since Marquis might stick around them to quickly replace them.

In general, you shouldn’t blindly follow Marquis, since sometimes they preapare an escape route and getting hit by 3 consecutive Predatory Strikes will be a problem.

By default there can be 3 Owls at time, it is possible to have 5 but they usually get destroyed/attack to quickly to get that many on the field.


^^ stated the truth above… Also it’s nice if your teammates will help shoot them down for you because sometimes pug teammates won’t because it doesn’t effect them. Just takes one simple aoe or long range DPS to take a owl down due to low health