Marquis Predatory Strike Friendly Player Reveal

I have noticed that the revealing pulse that emits from Marquis’ predatory strike owl reveals friendly allies and deactivates their invisibility. This has been specifically affecting Pendles’ corner sneak invisibility and has been tested to be true on overgrowth with a repeated reveal while standing next to the friendly owl. The description of Predatory Strike states that it should only reveal enemies. Please respond if you have also noticed this or if it was a simple glitch.

Overall the Reveal mechanic seems to be a bit buggy at the moment.

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That sucks for Marquis-Pendles teams looking to counter opposing Pendles :confused: I’ve played with friendly revealing Ambras and Orendis as Pendles and this has never happened to me, must be a Marquis thing.

While it may suck to be on the same team of such a skill, having it against the other Pendles is a must. I played against quite the killer Marquis player on Monuments tonight. He had me essentially shutdown for 90% of the match, and made me really reconsider just how bad Pendles has it now. If you have a bird at either ledges and another at the cave exit, you cannot get close enough to do anything. Once you’re revealed, you might as well be a magnet for the other team, because not only was he able to snipe me but his whole team seemed to swarm on me. I was relegated to sentry guarding from minions, and the occasional thrall summon.

Based on subsequent matches, it seems that the friendly player reveal may have been a glitch. I have played multiple games as Pendles on Monuments with a Marquis who had at least 4 owls going at once and no reveal. May have been caused by both teams having a Marquis in the previous game or some other problem. Either way it seems fine now.

I agree, Pendles can be so easily shutdown by a player intent on the reveal. A lot my games sway from really well with no reveal character to being completely obsolete if they make the effort reveal.

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Yup, he’s probably the only character right now that is just so luke-warm with how he can be set to succeed or fail. Its just comical, I went from an 18-3 match to a 3-7 match, all because of one good Marquis player. He wasn’t even the one to kill me the most, but he is the proverbial Achilles heel, quite literally, to Pendles. Once your stealth is broken all match, you are useless.

No other character has that hard of a counter. You can’t take Oscar Mike’s gun away, you can’t keep Benedict out of the sky, you can’t keep Reyna from overshielding allies, you can’t disable Marquis scope, etc. etc. But you sure as he’ll can take away Pendles’ stealth, the basis for all of his tools. Again, without it, he is the most useless Battleborn.

Just throw stars at the owls.

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