Marquis sniping sentry on Incursion from his side of the map

Just recently played a game, where their Marquis stayed on his own wall and sniped our first sentry. No matter how many times I or my team would get him off his wall, he would be right back at it again as soon as we started fighting or getting crystals. He was able take down the shield and keep it down on our sentry without even leaving his side of the map. I would be 100% okay with this if he was in the middle of the map or his team was pushed up, but when you don’t even need to leave your side to hurt the other teams sentry, it’s a problem.


I agree, this is something that should probably be looked into.

Essentially, a Marquis can snipe the enemies teams first sentry from the wall defending his own sentry. There is a wall that should block the first sentry, but it is inadequate. The wall that is there should be there to prevent the first sentry from being taken down from so far out. Once the general population of the game figures out how to do this, the overgrowth map will not be as entertaining for fights.

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Unfortunately he isn’t the only one who can do it :frowning: I wish the sentry was immune to damage after a certain distance. Some people have been saying: make it so only minions can disable sentry shields, but it is WAY to easy to simple kill minions then, and never lose. One Mike Incendiary grenade and they’re all dead; however, I think the distance thing may work.

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Just so gearbox Sees this, i totally agree to the maximum damage distance. When an attack or Skill is started from too far away it should not damage the Sentry.
Taking snipers out when they are on the wall is no solution, it needs at least 2, but rather 3 players to do so.

I am seeing this for most of my ranked matches currently, from level one.

Sent is down 3 minutes in usually and you cannot concede until 5 minutes have passed.

Real kill joy.

Fix it please.

This just happened in my game. Lost our first sentry about 3.5 minutes in. Game lasted 6:59. Utterly absurd and game breaking.

I was in a game just now. Solid fight.

Got to 20 minutes and the other team were behind.

Bam - sniper on their team starts exploiting the spot…

Easy win for them.