Marquis-Steampunk Fan Art

Just wanted to show you guys my latest drawing :slight_smile:


Wow, this is amazing!!! I love to see great traditionally drawn/painted fanart and THIS IS JUST BADASS! :heart_eyes: All the detail you put into it, just wonderfull ^o^/ (I´m a detailmonger in drawings too, just can´t stop…)

How big is it? It looks huge! And which media do you use, Copic or ProMarkers?

If you are active on I´d love to see it featured in my Battleborn-group :heart:


And: WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :confetti_ball:

Thank you so much Ganjamira

The size ist DIN A4 (quite small for so much Details) and its done with Faber Castell pitt pen artist pens.

I only have an artist page on Facebook:
artist site

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No problem at all! :heart:

Wow, thats even more imperssive, such amount of detail on A4!
Really like your work, liked a bit arround^^

Currently I sadly lack time to draw much, but so far I started a postcard-sized A6 fanart. Maybe I get to color it before release.
-> Wonders of Solus - Battleborn Fanart by Ganjamira

Your artwork looks amazing!!! Love to see it in colour.

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awesomo! the hobos gonna be jelly! :open_mouth:


thank you 10Tacle :slight_smile: