Marquis with 4 Hoodinis

Last night in my game Marquis on the other team had 4 Hoodinis on field (all were near each other, I’m so sorry for not taking screenshot of that, so I don’t have proof). Now, I played “only” for 150+ hours, and have my own Marquis on lvl 11, but I didn’t know one could do that. Exploits and aimbots are one thing, how do people actually cheat in this game?!


Increases the maximum number of Predatory Strike owls that can be active on the battlefield at once. +2 Active Owls

This is the level 6 3rd mutator

I thought that meant 3 owls altogether, not 4?

3+2 = 5
Edited to improve

You get 2 owls normally.

Ok, my bad then! I thought it was 1+2.

Actually (I don’t play Marquis, so I’m not sure if the text is just wrong) but the default description says:

Predatory Strike Deploys Hoodini to a target location. Hoodini reveals nearby enemies on the map and collides with them, dealing 208-280 damage. Up to 3 owls can be active at once.

So, 3+2 = 5…

That’s why I thought literally, even with mutation there can be maximum of 3, so 1 by default, and 2 if you activate mutator. So, my bad for misunderstanding.

Nah, the default description on a skill means how it performs at base, helix modifications are attached later and modify that description :wink:

Yeah you can have 3 by default, 5 with the mutator