Marquis you won. Selling this game

New cheese spots every time I play Incursion, I underestimate all the possible spots marquis can get to. There is no stopping an overpowered marksman with a passive so broken it can kill at point blank range and from long distance. I wonder how much Gamestop will give me for this deluxe edition of the game. So Long Gearbox


Maybe chill out, enjoy a little private PVE with friends, that sort of thing. It’s what I’ve been doing.

I don’t understand why everyone keeps getting pissed off that this isn’t some ultra-competitive e-sports PVP experience, it’s a variety game. Jesus christ.


Especially since, ya know gearbox has been pretty consistent thus far with community feedback. They do weekly hotfixes for things they can fix on the fly and telegraph what they will patch when they can (read : consoles let them).

But by all means trade in the game.


Lol I’ve seen one instance where a Marquis tried cheesing our sentry in incursion but thats not enough to warrant an overreaction this of magnitude. If you keep getting killed adjust your playstyle. As long as there are fps games there will be campers. Adapt and overcome or just if not by all means trade it in.

Besides, incursion isn’t the only thing this game has to offer. I’ve been having a blast playing meltdown, and capture is a nice change of pace with less objective oriented gameplay.

If you’re still looking for a reason to stay, try those. Otherwise, go trade in your game and enjoy something else

I hate to say it but i haven’t touched this game all weekend til now, then the moment I do the games i played there are 3 lvl100s against my team with only 1 person over 50 which was me who is lvl 51. It’s not just marquis and it’s annoying when people say just counter marquis, but how can we when we have a perma healing miko stupid idea to have a perma heal in ANYTHING competitive, galilea cause of course just pushing the wave, thorn who is now what i call the black mage of the game, ghalt who i can deal with, and marquis constantly sentry sniping the entire match.

I’ve been tilted cause multiplayer in BB is so unenjoyable thus far so broken and gimped that it’s frustrating in terms of balanced. I chilled out and tried not to complain about the game too much lest be attacked by people who think GBX can only do right and i played smite and paragon. I even played some league this weekend and actually had fun, like i was hmmm this feels alot better than Battleborn sure paragon has some balance issues but they are way more in check than this. I probably might copy paste this in another thread because this may not be the right one to complain in.

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If sniping the sentry is the issue, having a Kleese on the team easily counters this.

If it is a case of getting constantly harassed by them, it helps to have teammates that are fast and good at avoiding getting hit to go after them.

Or you could wait until next week for the patch next week that adresses this very issue?..

So go play those games. This isn’t a dedicated PVP game, and it doesn’t have to be. That market is completely saturated.

Of course my comment is taken away by defending myself… yea…

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thank you i most definitely will do so, and don’t i usually get time to edit my post? i attempted to and it wouldn’t let me.

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Well you can place your complaints where you like seeing as Matchmaking, Galilea and Sentry sniping are all things to be adjusted next week. So I can guarantee nothing you mentioned here hasnt been touched on publicly by devs multiple times. Miko isnt a problem w/out Galilea so that issue should solve itself.

I understand that everyone doesnt stay updated on news about the game, but places like reddit or even being a bit more thorough in your observatioms here would allow you to be more up to date on the adjustments in the works for this game.

Personally id say matchmaking is slightly better since last hotfix, but the easy workaround for the time being is to simply reque. Honestly the skill gap between 100 and 20-30 is paltry and doesnt have much REAL impact unless we’re talking full premades.

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This is assuming people use things like reddit, I checked through this site extensively and didn’t see anything there on updates not to mention I don’t even frequently use reddit so it’s abit of a stretch to assume others use it or follow twitter accounts etc as you do.

As goes for miko, we shall see as this game continues i will hold to my belief and opinion that a constant heal is never a good idea. Everyone has their limits and for me even with the patch being next week which i will confirm. It doesn’t mean it is acceptable now or to those who had to suffer through it, people paid their money and put in their time into the game. It’s totally unreasonable to think they have no voice in being frustrated by something so BIG that made it through the beta

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Look for the weekly Battleborn Battleplan posts by @JoeKGBX. There have been two so far, and they will contain the info on what’s being worked into the current hotfix, as well as any news on release dates for the next game update patch.

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I wasn’t making an argument, I was just telling you what I think you should do. Don’t really care how it makes you feel.