Marquis zoom-in bug issue on Console (specifically on PS4

I don’t know why , but besides the issue that the game doesn’t run on 60 FPS on Console (which is a huge downgrade for a competitive shooter that needs it) , I often get horrible FPS when I zoom with Marquis’s Sniper.

I can’t tell what it is , but every time I aim my game “scrambles” the screen and I it ends up skipping frames like crazy.

I even turned off both the aim snap and aim assist to see if maybe the issue revolves around those mechanics (and it wasn’t).

Any one gets this issue too with Marquis ?

Last time someone posted about this there were a number of responses from people claiming frame rate loss and “displaced Marquis shots” didn’t exist. That it doesn’t happen to them.

It happens to me all the freaking time. PS4.

You are not alone.

Not on PS4, so I have no idea. I am, however, curious if you get the same effect with either OM or WF if you take the telescopic sight (right helix) choice? Also, does it make a difference if you take Marquis’ variable zoom helix choice or not? I’d also submit a support ticket if you haven’t done so already.