Marquise renders Toby useless

Toby only seems to be effective when shooting through his shield and Toby can two shot that shield every time it’s up making Toby a non factor imo.
Position yourself anywhere marquis can’t shoot that shield and you aren’t really in the fight or over watching much of anything.

Toby can be effective without his shield, but he gets massive bonuses from it. Just lead the target. I will say however that Marquis is definitely a counter to Toby considering Toby tends to need to dig in before he starts firing at full power.

Thorn is just as bad as C3PO, both are good counters to Toby.

Thorn out snipes Marquis so what’s your point ? The time Marquis is focusing on Toby he’s not hitting your other characters and they should be hunting him anyways. I’m finding Marquis to be a easy kill farm on Shayne every game.

Mmmhmm too bad it doesn’t work like that