Marquise vs big characters

there needs to be something done about the dmg marquise does to large characters. they are easy targets to shoot and get stuck on the smallest obstacle or minion. needs something like 50% dmg reduction, marquise is next to impossible to hit long range and just wrecks every fat character in the game in 3-4 hits. not to mention various spots on various maps where you cant even hit him yet he can still hit you.

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That’s pretty much done on purpose - larger characters normally have more health (except Toby). Marquis is designed to take them out quickly with crits… I think you need to think about Marquis and what he is designed to do… his weakness isn’t a high health large target - it’s a high mobility small target like Orendi

Giving the larger targets resistance to Marquis specifically makes no sense


so the purpose is to pick marquise everygame apparently because large characters cant even fight with a marquise opposing them. too easy to get shot. on top of auto aim quickscoping makes them land every shot. guaranteed

Two large targets who Marquis hates: Attikus and Kelvin. Between Pounce and Sublimate, not all tanks are susceptible to the MarCheese :wink:

both can close the distance in a matter of seconds. what about those with no escape/initiate abilities

Stay out of his line of sight, send someone else to kill him, there are options other than get killed by Marquis.

A tanks job is to take damage and generally die more. If marquise is focusing on the tank then great that frees up everyone else to then push on him.

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not all big characters are tanks. toby and kleese as examples

If you’re just going to keep arguing with everyone’s criticism than what’s the point of asking for advice/input? Marquis has ways to be countered and rushed, they are doing an adequate job of telling you.

ive been told to stay out of his line of sight. so dont play the game? sit in the ship?

No. This means instead of charging him straight on from across the map (like he expects you to so), approach him from adjacent corridors , higher platforms, wait for minion fodder, etc. Not every fight in this game needs to be a duel from 100 yards away. It’s up to you to find out how to best utilize certain characters against your opponents.

im not charging him from across the map. he snipes me from there. wherever i move they follow knowing i cant do anything to stop it.

Well then I guess your SOL. Sorry. Nothing any of us have said can help you.

We’ve tried explaining why this doesn’t need changing but the only way I think you will understand is if you play Marquis for a while. Then you will either see that you are an amazing Marquis player or that he is balanced currently (except on overgrowth)

Correction: A tank’s job is to draw fire.
If a tank dies he’s not doing his job.

Yes they are lol if they draw enough fire to be killed imagine how much damage that has kept away from the rest of the team.

Not really, dying doesn’t help your team at all. Should stay until you have to leave? Of course soak up as much damage as you can, without dying. Being dead means you gave XP and are losing XP and shards and not helping you team. If you know your about to face tank then save your mobility (or try to make sure its up befor you die) to get away and live, getting healed by a support or backing so you can help your team again asap.

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It’s done on purpose but very poorly.

Large characters have more health but they still die faster than small chars with low health. If you have no pocket healer then “B” is your only way to get back health, regeneration items do not scale with HP so another reason why small chars have easier…

There is reason why Marquis is almost every game while Montana is on extinct… so stop with you ■■■■■■■■.