Marrify Trade board

Most class mods
Deathless relic
Transformer shield
Rough rider
Operative move speed anointed re router

• +damage digi clone anointed cryo crossroad
• +cooldown rate annointed nova berner
•Infiltrator mod +3 like a ghost +2 supersonic man
• +splash damage anointed flakker
• Otto idol with splash damage

I have other items. Just ask
Offers welcome also
GT: Marrify sF

What are the stats on the Deathless?

Infiltrator mod with smg damage
+4 supersonic man +1 violent momentum

That isn’t possible. Maximum is +3 on supersonic Man, because the skill itselfe has a cap of three, and gearbox mechanics only allow to expand the same amount of points via Class-mod it could have without. So you’re serching for a (+3 SSM, +2VM)

Oh damn well i guess i dont need it then lol

Offers for anything are welcome