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Hello fellow forumers, I’m embarking on an ambitious new creation based off the Marvel Universe. I like to call it the “New Age” universe. In this new world, I’ll be writing epic adventures featuring some iconic marvel characters and some of the lesser known heroes, giving each a new creative spin while retaining what fans loved about these characters growing up. These stories will be separated by story arcs, some completely original, others adapted from other preexisting stories which will be given credit to the original source and writers. Here’s the line-up and synopsis for each of the upcoming stories I have down the pipeline. Each story is listed in chronological order. Note to anyone who posted previously on this thread when it was still the Marvel WWII thread, I will continue with the Wolverine WWII story as promised, I’m just making it part of this new marvel universe. Once that’s completed, expect these other stories down the road.

Introduction to the New Age Universe: This story is merely a prologue to the new age universe. Exploring the characters and their roles in their respective corners of this world. Some will come with updated origin stories, biographies, and their connections with other characters if there are any. The first half will focus mainly on the heroes of the New Age Universe while the other half will discuss upcoming villains. Note that if there are characters not listed, that does not mean they are not in it. It just means that they will either make very minor appearances, have no changes made to their origins, or I’m keeping their appearance in the universe a secret for now.

Wolverine/Winter Soldier: Winter’s Hunt: Shield Agent, James Howlett and Shield Commander Nick Fury go head to head with Soviet super spy, the Winter Soldier, as they clash to shift the balance of power in a new world. Witness as these eternal adversaries do battle throughout the latter half of the 20th century all the way to modern day. How will Fury and Howlett confront this dangerous covert operative and what will they do once they uncover the man behind the mask.

New-Age Avengers: Baron Zemo, Baron Von Strucker, and Madame Viper has rebuilt Hydra, stronger than ever prepared to subjugate the free world under their tyrannical rule. To combat this new threat, Shield has recruited the world’s mightiest heroes to turn the tide of this new war. Join Captain America, Iron Man, the Mighty Thor, Wasp, Ant Man, Sentry, Wolverine, and Miss Marvel assemble to protect the world from an old threat.

Cable: Last Gunslinger: In the distant future, Apocalypse has ruled earth unchallenged for decades. The strong now rule the world and the weak are systematically executed by the hands of his Horsemen. But hope still lives in the form of two children protected by Cable, the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Prepare for the war of the ages as Cable and the miracle sisters, Madelyn and Hope, traverse the wasteland to find the last time machine to send them back in time and prevent Apocalypse’s dark future from ever coming to be.

Spider-Man: Project Venom: Two scientists and childhood friends, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, attempt to develop a cure for cancer to save Peter’s Aunt May, the woman who raised these two orphaned boys along with the deceased Ben Parker. However, what begins as a noble endeavor would tear these brothers and their loved ones apart. Witness as they engineer a nightmare, the monstrous symbiote called Venom.

X-men/X-Force: Age of Onslaught: Using the powers of the Scarlet Witch and his Charles Xavier, Magneto plans to destroy all of mankind as vengeance against humanity for their attack of the Sovereign nation of Genosha. However, in his blinded fury, he unwittingly unleashed an evil so great, that it could bring an end to both Mutant and Humankind. The X-men composed of Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Rogue as well as the X-Force unit of Cable, Deadpool, Fantomex, Warpath, Psylocke, Domino, Boom Boom, and Blink take on the Psionic monster forged from the darkness of the hearts of Xavier and Magneto, Onslaught.

New-Age X-men: Charles Xavier is dead. Killed by the Psionic entity known as Onslaught. But his dream of human-mutant coexistence lives on. Jean Grey becomes the new headmaster of the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Children in the hopes of guiding young mutants as the government begin taking drastic measures to control the growing threat. Charged by the new headmaster, Veteran X-men Cyclops and Wolverine work together to train the next generation of teenage X-Men. Join the adventures of Marvel Girl, Angel, Iceman, Bishop, X-23, Colossus, Jubilee, and Shadowcat, as they protect mutant and human kinds from threats both old and new.

Venom: Brothers in Arms: In their attempt to combat the ever-growing mutant population and exploit humanity’s resentment for profit, Alchemax, Weapon Plus, and Trask Industries commence in a joint venture to create the ultimate mutant hunting weapon for Colonel William Stryker’s Mutant Response Division using a sample from the Venom Symbiote. Using it’s DNA, they create two brother symbiotes. One is an exact replica, retaining the memories and powers of it’s original wearers, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, driven by the need to fulfill the “Great Responsibility” Ben Parker instilled in both. The other a mindless beast, weaker than it’s older sibling and driven by the uncontrollable need to feed on human life force. Unfortunately, both would escape confinement and infiltrate the concrete jungle of New York City. Knowing that his brother symbiote would wreak havoc on the citizens of New York, the new Venom symbiote bonds with wounded US Marine veteran and Parker’s high school rival turned friend, Sergeant Eugene “Flash” Thompson. Apprehensive at first with joining the symbiote, Flash reluctantly accepts his new partnership as they hunt down their other half now bonded to known serial killer, Cletus Kasady. Join Flash Thompson as he does battle with the psychotic Carnage, the original Venom Eddie Brock, the MRD, and the evil corporations responsible for the suit’s conception and becomes the hero he’s always dreamed of with the help of Spider-Man and the Avengers.

Nova: The New Warrior: Richard Rider was just your average sixteen-year-old student trying to get by in Midtown High. That is until he has a chance encounter with Nova Prime Jessie Alexander, the last survivor of the Nova Corps, an elite intergalactic police force dedicated to protecting the Planet Xandar and all her colonies. With his dying breath, Nova Alexander bestowed young Richard with the power of the Nova Force, succeeding him as the new Nova. Guided by the Xandarian Worldmind, an advanced AI and repository of all Xandarian culture, as well as a veteran Spider-Man, Rider learns to master his powers and defend earth from cosmic threats who seek to destroy the inheritor of the Nova mantle. Along the way, the new Nova allies himself with heroes including the X-Men, Cloak and Dagger, The Runaways, Darkhawk, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Beta Ray Bill, new Quasar Phyla-Vell, Skrull exile and wielder of the Starbrand Jazinda, Hawkeye in training Kate Bishop, Flash Thompson the new Venom and others as he discovers what it truly means to be a hero and the responsibility that comes with it.

Ghost Rider And the Hell-Bound Crusaders: After five years trapped in eternal torment, Johnny Blaze escapes the fiery confines of Hell itself but at a terrible price. Forced to give into the Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, Blaze tore open a rift between hell and earth to break free of his wretched confinement at the hands of Mephisto, the reigning lord of hell. However, due to tapping into the dormant powers of the spirit, Blaze is slowly losing control of the Rider. To make matters worse, Blaze brought hell with him. Unleashing a legion of hellish nightmares hungry to feast on human souls and carve a path of destruction across the States. Joined by renowned monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone, Doctor’s Strange’s new apprentice Nico Minoru, Vampire Hunters Blade and Michael Morbius, and speical guests Hellboy, Spawn and The Darkness, Johnny Blaze rides again as the Ghost Rider to clean up his own mess and drag his fellow escapees back to the infernal pit while keeping his own personal demon at bay. Will Blaze succeed or succumb to the will of the Ghost Rider?

Avengers/X-men: Ultron Incursion: In a final attempt to extinguish all organic life, Ultron creates a nanite bomb to infect all living beings and devour all organic material, leaving behind a baron wasteland. The Avengers and X-Men join forces as they race against the clock to save the Earth.

The Avengers: The Hydra Initiative: With the ever-growing mistrust of the superhuman community due to the destruction of Sokovia at the hands of Ultron, the deceased Hank Pym’s artificial intelligence, and the rise of New Genosha as it’s own separate nation under the rule of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, the United Nations begin discussions to ratify the Superhuman Registration Act, enforcing the mandatory registration of super-powered individuals with the worlds governments. Using the chaos to their advantage, Norman Osborn aligns with Hydra as they prepare to put an end to all the world’s heroes while manipulating events from behind the scenes to satisfy their own ends. Captain America, Iron Man, and the Winter Soldier must unite the divided superheroes of the world to fight a shadow war to decide the future. Are they willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to stop Hydra from shaping the world in their image?

Captain America: WWII: Heroes from around the world gather in Washington DC to pay tribute to Steve Rogers who valiantly sacrificed himself for the freedom of all people against the Green Goblin and Hydra. But who was the man behind the legend? How did a sickly man from Brooklyn become the Super Soldier so revered by his peers and generations who grew listening to his tales of valor against tyranny? As Tony Stark gives his eulogy and says farewell to his friend, relive the battles of the European Campaign as Stark recounts his father’s memoirs of Captain Steve Rogers, Sergeant James Barnes, Private Nick Fury, British Intelligence agent Peggy Carter, the 1940s Black Panther, Namor the Submariner, The Mighty Thor and the Howling commandos struggle against the Nazi Regime and their deep science division, Hydra.

Captain America and the Secret Avengers: New head of Shield, Commander James Barnes and Sword Operative Captain Marvel form a black ops unit of superheroes to take on secret missions the core Avengers are unable to handle. See the adventures of Clint Barton as Ronin, Black Widow, Scott Lang as Ant Man, Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Spider-Woman, Quake, Moon Knight, War Machine, She-Hulk, and Tigra as they save the world without being seen.

Wolverine: The Last Year: Infected with an artificial virus to suppress his healing factor by his old nemesis Sabretooth, Logan will die in one year. But he’s taking everyone with him. Determined to protect the X-Men and a traumatized X-23 from what’s coming, Wolverine abandons them and embarks on his final hunt around the world to kill the enemies he’s made over the years. Along the way, Logan will run into allies who will either aid or hinder him in his quest for revenge. How far will Logan go to keep his loved one’s safe and how much of his humanity is he willing to sacrifice?

Wolverine: WWII: A dying Wolverine travels back to Nagasaki to help a suicidal X-23 find a reason to live again and deal with the trauma of her past while also reliving his own troubled history. Witness the horrors of the pacific campaign through Logan’s eyes and learn how these events gave birth to The Wolverine.

New-Age Wolverine: X-23 embraces her father’s legacy as the New Wolverine. Determined to protect her friends and loved ones, Laura Kinney must fight for her better future. Join Laura as she adapts to her new role as Wolverine and battles those who would seek to do harm to her and those she cherishes dearly. Alongside Laura, she’ll be accompanied by her fellow X-Men and other heroes from different corners of the New Age universe.

Iron Man: Stark Horizons: After the events of Wolverine: New Age, Tony Stark decides to hang up the Iron Man Armor permanently, believing his actions have caused more harm than good. Trying to move away from the super heroics, Stark now focuses on solving real world problems using practical solutions. However, a mysterious new Iron Man has appeared on the scene to fill the vacuum left by Stark’s retirement. Who is this new Armored Avenger and what is Tony going to do once he discovers who’s behind the suit?

Worldbreaker Hulk: After years of inner turmoil, Bruce Banner has finally found peace with his love Betty Ross in a small Canadian community in the snowy wilderness. But that peace has been taken from him when the Leader leads a new Gamma Army to conquer Earth. Left with no other options, Banner surrenders his free will and gives into the rage of the Hulk in order to face his old adversary, Will the Hulk save the world or will he unwittingly hasten its destruction.

The Mighty Thor: Asgardian Exile: After years in Exile, Thor returns to Asgard to find his home a smoldering ruin. The All-Father Odin is no more and Loki sits on the throne with an army of darkness. Alone, Thor must gather Asgard’s remaining warriors and his fellow Avengers, reclaim his home, and save the people who have forsaken him.

The Annihilators/Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Onslaught: Onslaught has escaped the Negative Zone and has fused with Annihilus and Thanos to bring the end of the cosmos using a newly forged Cosmic Cube. Nova Prime Richard Rider along with fellow cosmic heroes Beta Ray Bill, Flash Thompson as Venom, Phyla-Vell as Quasar, Adam Warlock, Starbrand inheritor and Skrull exile Jazinda, The Silver Surfer and the new Phoenix Rachel Summers must join forces with Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Angela, Sera, and Singularity of the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop this new threat from destroying the entire universe. The hunt for the Cube begins.

X-Men: Coming of Age: A collection of solo stories as both X-Men, old and new, come to terms with who they are and their roles within the mutant and non-mutant communities.

Legendary Spider-Family: The lives of Peter Parker and his daughter May “Mayday” Parker have been anything but easy. Things get even more complicated when Spidey’s old adversaries target both of their loved ones with new upgraded tech based weapons to counteract him. Who outfitted his foes and fed them information on his personal life is a mystery? With the Avengers with their hands full and most of Peter’s friends offworld or dealing with their own personal issues, Spider-man and Spider-girl will have to go it alone and discover who is responsible for making their lives a living nightmare.

Marvel Mystics: Dreaded Cataclysm: Dormammu, Dread Lord of the Dark Dimension, has dragged twelve Earths from distant corners of the Dark Dimension to consume their souls and achieve power beyond comprehension. Doctor Strange and his wife Clea must unite the Sorcerers Supreme from these twelve worlds and save them before Dormammu rules all.

If you’re interested or want to know more about the stories, leave a comment in the thread or PM.

Update: First two chapters of Wolverine’s WWII are posted. The journey begins


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