Masher stopped dropping since 9/27 hotfix?

Not sure if I’m just unlucky or if something else has happened but since the hotfix on Sept. 27 it seems that Jacobs Masher pistols have stopped dropping in my game. The only one I’ve gotten so far is from the Don’t Truck with Eden-6 side quest. This is on all of my characters too. I know they weren’t all that common but you could get one to spawn fairly reliably buy farming the vending machines on Sanctuary, now I can’t get one at all either in the machines or just as normal world drops, I only seem to see the other Jacobs pistols. Anyone else noticed this ?

I’ve yet to see one in the last week myself… And I farm A LOT.

Update: I posted this earlier today and, Murphy’s Law, I had one drop from Graveward ! I was farming for the Earworm and got this one so they are dropping, it just seems that the drop rate is lower than I thought. I still haven’t seen one in a vending machine, I was getting them semi-regularly from Earl’s Veteran machine but they’re not there now so I’m wondering if the drop rate might have been nerfed ? Also, I can’t say with 100% surety but I could have sworn I got one in blue (rare) rarity from Earl’s but the only ones I’ve had since the hotfix are purple ? Anyways, they are dropping, just not very often.

PS: I also got this whilst farming Graveward, dunno if I want to use it though…