Masher weapon type from BL1 is returning in BL3

Mashers, revolvers from BL1 which fired shotgun-like blasts but with higher accuracy than shotguns, are back, but this time you can get Masher Rifles as well. Happy to see this, I liked using Mashers in BL1.

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Do we know whether ‘Daisy Marshal’ BL3 VIP reward is a masher? :wink:

I hope so. Will redeem that for sure if it is.

I wonder if Jakobs Unforgiven Revolver is returning in Borderlands 3? An Unforgiven with the Masher accessory was one of the rarest and coolest weapons in Borderlands 1.

Edit: The Unforgiven is back in Bordelands 3.

Let us hope that we will be able to find them with the Masher accessory once again.