Mask of Mayhem (and what it might mean character-wise)


So, we have a trailer? Waiting for more news soon, but this teaser can tell us a LOT about the game. We see (presumably) the 4 new vault hunters. 3 of which look like concept art we have seen before and the character in the “Tech Demo” from a while back. These include: Moze, the “Bot Jock” (Tech Demo), Zane, the “Operative” (concept leak), and Flack, the “Bestmaster” (concept leak). Nifty! We can also see our previous Vault Hunters: Lilith, Brick, and Mordecai in various places along with another presumed ally whose identity I’m not certain I can confirm.

With those characters pointed out it seems logical to conclude that the two (most prominent) figures who remain as primary subjects of the trailer are the “big bads”. That theory also makes sense given their positioning and the themes surrounding them in the teaser. Also, there is a quick flash of Jack’s mask. What does this mean? IDK, but it is shown in between the two main displays of the presumed villains so it could mean a connection.


Classes (not confirmed as far as I know):
Pic of Full Mask:

Teaser Trailer Teardown
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Did you miss Ellie and Sir Hammerlock?
One of the Unknown’s is a Siren, she has wings at 0:05
I counted at least 9 new people.

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@mentalmars is already ahead on this. He’s combing the trailer and trying to figure out what things are based on what surrounds them and what we’ve heard rumoured.


I noticed Hammerlock and Ellie (along with the other individual and what was most likely Tiny Tina with Brick and Mordi), I just chose not to mention them outright. Also, I speculate that one of the possible villains (the main one) is a Siren. None of the other Sirens in the trailer display tattoos (from what I saw) so it is logical to assume she may be one as well. I do not want to jump to conclusions given that was clearly a religious ceremony in a temple of some sort (possibly dedicated to Jack) and her having wings is no definite guarantee of her “Sirenhood”. I will admit however, that it is probably the case that she is a Siren. This will probably be the conclusion so throwing as many Sirens at us as they can is not unexpected.


I figured Mars was hot on the topic. Just thought it’d be cool for us smaller folk to get in on it.

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I’m gonna go with a Siren and her gun-fetishing brother as the baddies and leaders of a Vault cult. I wonder if they are somehow clones of Jack given their facial features and the Jack mask being flashed briefly. And that definitely seems like Tina high-fiving with Mordy and Brick.



Hadn’t considered clones, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities since Professor Nakayama was out to do that. IDK about TORGUE. I’d love for him to make a minor return, but perhaps he’ll be relegated to DLC? I’d love to see him in some fashion.

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Yup he’s fresh on my mind having just re-played through the Hammerlock DLC and doing a bit of TPS lately.

I didn’t see Tannis anywhere either. And I remember one of those decoded easter eggs being “Tannis is not what she seems” (just throwing that out there.)

Clearly Hammerlock and Ellie are in there, but I wonder who that shirtless caped Aquaman-looking guy with the buzzaxe is.

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Flak :).

Anyway a lot of this was known to me from a guy on YouTube who’s been dead right. I guess he really does have sources.

The hype is real. Tomorrow at 2 :slight_smile:

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There is so much in here to speculate on I decided to make it it’s own thread, mods change if you’d like.

Two things for me in these shots;
The first is a Droog/Lyuda! If that exists I can play this game :slight_smile: And does it have 3 barrels???
Second is a psycho with guns! Whaddayah know about that! Edit: OK that’s just a stylized vault symbol, not guns in the psychos hand, sorry.

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Merged into the Mayhem thread (seems like an appropriate title for today!)

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More speculation:
I mentioned that when I saw this I dreamed of more than 4 playable characters.
Driving to work I thought a bit more, and Gearbox perfected having lots of playable characters in Battleborn (which I only played once) so they obviously can do it, and if we’re looking at current gen playboxes, if they can run Battleborn they can run 12 playables in BL3.
Maybe unlocked through advancing during play, maybe you can access a new character when you go to another planet that is their home, or (ick) purchasable.


So here is a pic of the full Mask. We can probably look at it for a few more details. Plenty of characters both new and old to look at. Also, character from the teaser who was with Brick and Mordi is on right side with Hammerlock and Marcus. She definitely has bunny ears and a stuffed rabbit. Seems like Tina to me.
Also, I think I spy Tannis within the arch above Mordi and the roses. Not sure if it’s her, but they have a pixie cut and goggles which is her signature style. Rhys and Atlas also make an appearance. I see a few others, but let’s make it a scavenger hunt!

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I saw Brick and Tina (possibly).

And his heart swelled three times that day.

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Some things strike me in the pic (besides the obvious).
Upper left, that looks very reminiscent of the Washburn Refinery, so we’ll be dealing with heavy industry again.
Right, of course, the Atlas logo. Interesting that Atlas is the only manufacturer that I can see specifically shown by their logo.
And again, I see Droog/Lyuda and am filled with joy.

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There’s a bunch already identified over here. MentalMars also has quite a roster on his Twitter feed.

BTW only recently spotted this: when the camera pans out from the monocycle, you can see Moxxi’s bar in the far background. It looks like Moxxi herself is standing on the roof of the bar to the right, and there’s someone near the front door.

Not sure which of the many Moxxi’s bars it is though - it’s not the one in Sanctuary or Concordia, for sure.

I’m also wondering if any of the stuff is the remains of Helios after the events of TftB? I’d much prefer it all to be a brand new location though! @Noelle_GBX: Props to whoever made that model for the Teaser Trailer - it is super cool Reminds me of those carved miniatures.

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Anybody else get major angel vibes from the first(possible) bad lady with wings?


On the subject of Moxxi’s bar, I suspect it’s a new location we haven’t seen. It looks as though it was made from an upturned ship so that might be a hint at it’s possible location?

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Rhys is standing on that logo too apparently.

Which begs the question… where Fiona tho?

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pretty sure bearded man is vaughn. So where is Axton?