Mass Effect Andromeda - misc discussion and game log

I didn’t play much of the original trilogy but I decided to dive right into this “reboot” of sorts. You don’t need to have played the old series to enjoy this. It has a strong single player story and excellent PvE multiplayer. At least on paper.

I am about 3 hours into the story and taking my time. I am enjoying the ride so far. It kinda feels like I’m watching a show on SyFy. But also playing an excellent game. Again, just my first impressions.

The player action skills you get access to in this game remind me of things we’ve seen in Borderlands, Warframe and Battleborn. (zero’s deception skill, batleborn shield deployment, maya’s bubble, etc…) So at the very least I can play the game in a familiar way.

The multiplayer PvE for the game is in some sort of separate but somehow connected context. I haven’t dived into that yet but the idea seems sound. I look forward to it.

I started this thread as a general discussion place for this game. I feel that fellow Borderlands players should enjoy this game. As I play more I plan on adding to this thread.

Long time Mass Effect fan here - my first impressions of Andromeda are pretty positive, though I admit that my nostalgia for the original trilogy is somewhat coloring my opinion. It’s definitely not as easy to get into this story when you feel so strongly about the previous one.

Pre-conceived notions aside, I like it. The sidequests are hit-or-miss, but I don’t feel a huge pressure to complete every single one of them. The facial animations are pretty much as expected, but they’re not so distracting that I can’t stand looking at them. I like the crew a lot, and the plot so far as been gripping enough to keep me engaged. The little bits of conversation your crew members have when they think you’re not watching is a nice touch to overall immersion. Combat is fun, especially now that you can jump. Overall, it’s a fun game!

Plus, anyone who had to experience the horror of the MAKO can attest that Andromeda’s all-terrain vehicle, the Nomad, is a marked improvement :wink:


HEY LEAVE THE MAKO ALONE! Mako is love, Mako is life :frowning:

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I’ll drink to that. Mako on Insanity was a derpy paperweight at best.

Besides Havarl being a nightmare and my MP experience (play on PS4), I’ve been enjoying myself with the game. There a lot of problems but if you look over it and shovel through the glitches, you’ll have fun. The cast is a much needed improvement over the first and third one. I’d still say the best ME game was the second one. (if not only for the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC.) but I’m liking the female representation for races especially the Salarian, Turian and Krogan, much needed and overdue in my opinion.

I’m loving Drack a lot, his banter is really funny and I love that he’s like your father figure throughout the game. Plus old age problems, you know?

Agreed! It’s fairly easy to pick Andromeda apart, but the overall experience is fun. Bioware isn’t perfect, but by this point, I’ve sort of accepted the problems they have as the price of entry to what is usually a worthwhile gaming experience.

I’m totally with you about ME2. It’s easily the strongest game in the series, and a big part of that is your large and varied crew. I think so far, Andromeda is doing a great job of giving you a fun mix of characters that are reminiscent of the original crew without being copies of them. While I miss the more varied background races seen back in the Milky Way (especially the Elcor!), I’m glad to see more prominent examples of lady Turians, Salarians and Krogan too!


Does jumping to multiplayer spoil anything in the campaign?

So, as someone who was (and still is) extremely skeptical about ME:A in spite of loving the original trilogy, does anyone want to help address my big concerns?

Gameplay: When I saw the E3 footage, what few gameplay they showed gave me a Destiny vibe, which instantly set my hype-o-meter to none. How is the gameplay in practice?

No Classes: This actually really bugs me, because to me (in theory) it takes away having to learn the strengths and weaknesses for a class when you can just switch out powers for what you need on the fly.

Characters: The characters they showed in the E3 vid either bored me or, in one case, annoyed me. How are the characters in the game outside of the footage?

Bugginess: I haven’t heard very good things about the bugs and animations and all that. On top of that, the original trilogy has bugs and glitches exclusive to the PC version that consoles never had to deal with (saving on lower deck of Normandy in ME1 corrupts that entire career, crash on Illium under Liara’s office if in fullscreen, trying to leave the Shadow Broker ship through the normal exit crashes the game without a workaround, ect). So, in terms of bugginess, how would any PC players on here say the game is? Should I wait a few years for patches to come out, or is it overall fine as it is now?

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So far I don’t feel like I’m playing Destiny. I feel like I am playing a character in a science fiction universe. My character speaks and I have dialog choices and depth and relationships.

I can’t give you a solid answer on classes yet. Though, the game did have me choose an initial set of skills. The class-less feeling of Destiny did bug me in Destiny, but I feel like this is a different situation. Too early to judge. I’ll have to try multiplayer and see more action and loadouts and such. In your case, I guess it would be an adjustment. But I do feel like players will distinguish themselves quite dramatically.

But yea, I’m only about 3 hours in. As I play more I will say more. I dig the dialog choices I have and seeing how each answer is based on different aspects of a personality. ie, saying “I think we can do it” is a “heart” choice. vs “we are technically capable” is more of a logical choice.

TBH, I’m more of a single-player kind of gal, so I haven’t tested it. As far as I know, though, you mainly jump to Multiplayer from the campaign for Strike Team Missions, so my guess is “no”?


Multiplayer seems to be pretty much spoiler free. Entirely separate missions from single player. I think you have entirely separate minor characters for multiplayer too. And it seems that I can get some bonuses in single player because I play multiplayer. I haven’t received such bonuses yet.

However, multiplayer needs a patch before it’s useful. It seems to have lagspike issues and general async/lag issues. I’ll wait until I see a patch drop before I retouch multiplayer.

Single player. I have continued to enjoy. Stumbling around. I wasn’t really aware of the map function when hitting start. It talked about it once and then I forgot about it. But then I started remembering something about it, and really needing it’s functionality, so I went looking for it. It’s literally the default option when you hit start. But I am so used to choosing other things on the start menu that I ignored the center of the start menu. Once you see it, you might understand why. It’s like a radial menu where the center function is the map. Usually in a radial menu there is nothing in the center. So, just a problem of my brain assuming something I guess.

Anyhow, on the map I finally learned about and used the forward stations to fast travel between points on the map. Very useful. Though, depending on your playstyle, (whether you like fast travel options, or making it a point to drive/walk between things), you might not care. But I think it’s kinda necessary when the game feels this huge. The part of this planet, EOS, that I’ve explored so far feels like an area about 8 times the size of “the dust” from borderlands 2. Maybe/probably larger. At a few points I made the mistake of trying to run between safe zones and nearly died for it (life support runs out eventually). Exciting though. But at the same time, a feeling of, “am I playing, Virtual 5k: The Andromeda Series?”

So yea, I recommend keeping your vehicle around when you decide to traverse. And for me, I started to use fast travel once I started to feel like I had explored the spaces in between all the things I’m fast traveling between.

Also, save often. If you die, you sometimes might get annoyed at redoing certain travel or misc… so far it hasn’t been too bad here, but it hasn’t been as good with this as I’d prefer.

Next paragraph is about a mission. I don’t think it’s a spoiler at all. More of a warning about wasting your time trying to figure out what happened at the end of the mission.
The mission is “a secret research project” has a weird mission end that left me confused a good half hour as to what it did. According to this site, the mission Rewards are: XP, Milky Way Research Data, Andromeda Viability Points.
Even though the quest dialog at the end said, “let’s go to a research station”. Which made me think, oh, it’s part of the quest. By the time I got over there I didn’t realize that it wasn’t even an active quest anymore. I was looking for a blueprint or an item maybe, or any number of things it could have done. Kind of annoying. Probably could have been handled a little better.

Other annoyance in the game. The “go here for the current quest indicator” on your hud is kinda stupid as hell. It is navigates you confusingly especially when you need to use stairs to get there. But now that I am aware of the map feature, this problem will go away as it shows your mission destination on the map.

Fought a boss last night. It was a tough fight and I had to retry it multiple times. Late in the fight, I had some bug where the boss vanished. To fix it I basically killed myself (harder than it sounds with no enemies around). I don’t know if there was a more elegant way to fix my predicament. I didn’t have a recent save as the game doesn’t let you manually save during certain missions. That is kinda dumb in my opinion. I was lucky that I had enough time to retry the boss fight enough to succeed. The xbox does have the “resume right from where you left off when you powered off” thing but it’s not perfect.

However, maybe the game would resume from where I was in the mission? I’ll have to try it some time and see what it does. It probably “auto saves” you to checkpoints at various spots in the “priority missions”.

However, I did enjoy the gameplay and the story and I did see what I could do to win even though I kept losing. By the time I did finish that mission I chose some rather angry dialog choices and actions. hahah.

So, I finished that mission and ended up with about 20+ more things to do. Wow. I think it will end up like my Fallout 4 playthru. Essentially I’ll probably end up playing a cross-section of this game. Sampling a lot from the buffet and maybe having a big slice of certain things but certainly not eating everything. I think that’s the intent of the design. Especially in games like Fallout (and probably this game too) where certain choices can lead to whole missions being un-available to you.

Personally I’m one-hundred percent - ing the viability on Elaaden, Krogan planet. It’s another desert. Really reminiscent of Jakku from Star Wars with the big Remnant ship in the center. About 50% in the trophies, some are kind of difficult. Most are just build based. The Remnant Architect in the sand, I initially thought was a Thresher Maw kind of scared there, heh. When the Krogans said, the Worm will kill you, I was like, “Not again.”

It’s been glitchy, it’s frame dropped hard when I was playing just for a few minutes. Maybe it’s that or the fact that I haven’t had really any time to play it like the others but something is still missing about it but I can’t put my thumb on it. Oh the antagonist of the game is so… lacking. Evil for the sake of being evil, Bioware is better than this. Even Corypheus had more character than the Archon and that ain’t saying much. Both terrible villains.

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I probably will 100% some areas too. For the fun of it. I did that in assassin creed black flag. 100% a couple islands.

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Well it’s for a trophy and I am trophy hunting nowadays over on my PSN. You need to 100% Eos, Voeld, Havarl, Kadara and Elaaden. All I have is Elaaden left.

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I’m back on EOS now. These maps are huge.

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Have y’all seen the planned improvements to the game?

I’m wondering if it might be worth it to table the game for now and pick it back up in two months, when they’ll have allegedly made the changes.

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If they fix the biggest problems with ME:A, I may end up considering buying this game.
I don’t like every ME game (for instance the first one is a turn off for me due to the gameplay) but I do have some interest in Andromeda.


Cool. I may actually pick it up after all of the updates go live.

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Myself, I’ll pick it up in about a year or so after all the DLC has come out and EA inevitably puts all of it into an Ultimate package of sorts like they did with DA:I. Hopefully by then all of the improvements are actually in place and a lot of the bugs are gone. And maybe some good mods will be out by then too.

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Allowing you to skip ahead when travelling between planets in the galaxy map

-plays the DAHs from Akira- FINALLY! THEY’VE LISTENED.

"Improving matchmaking and latency in multiplayer

-another round of DAHs-

Beautiful, beautiful. No more getting killed from the Ascendant in between rounds!

Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder


Adjustments to conversations with Hainly Abrams

I saw the apology tweet on Twitter. I’m very happy they’ve ■■■■■■■ listened to us. Very happy.