Mass optimization update?

so we have all seen or heard about how whenever you enter a battle you start stuttering and dropping fps or whenever you scope in you stutter or lose fps. but overall i think the game just hitches and stutters way too much for no reason. i think GB should obviously fix the scope stuttering ASAP because the game is pretty much unplayable at this point.( its day 1 of release so its somewhat understandable) but i also think we should get a full optimization update or fix. we shouldnt have to ask for one at all in a AAA game but it happens. i dont think its fair we pay full price for a extremely poorly optimized game.( especially in a exclusive deal like this one) myself and lots of other players wont be playing until this at least addressed officially.

Yeah this game is ■■■■■■■ trash my game is still unplayable since launch

Proc : Intel Core i7-7700k (4.,2 GHz)
Graphic Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 Superclocked GAMING ACX 3.0 BLACK Edition 8 Go
RAM : DDR4 KFA2 HOF, 2x8 Go , 3600 MHz, CAS 17
SSD : Crucial MX300 , 275 Go , SATA III

They did an update but they used it TO NERF the game, or this means that gearbox is completely oblivious to the performance issues, ONLINE issues because if you can’t choose sessions by ping, online is kind of a lottery to play. Or this means that they ■■■■■■ up so bad that they just don’t know how to fix or it will take a really long time to fix… I really should have waited for the release on Steam next year, game is broken atm. I am really disappointed. Didn’t expect Gearbox to ■■■■ the best franchise they have.