Massive amount of crashes

So I’ve been playing on my Xbox and I’ve tried to do the new dlc and almost every time I’m playing the game it’s like after 45 minutes if gameplay it crashes without fail and when I play on mayhem 4 and do any of the boss fights it crashes soon after I pass half way mark on it health bar it’s almost serten that my game will crash any tips? Or can you patch my crashes as of posting this I’ve had over 10 crashes in the past 24 hours that’s not counting the other 5 I’ve had while playing with my friends

Is this on a regular XBox One, or an XBox One X? Knowing which hardware version it is will be helpful for those trying to solve the problem.

I’m on Xbox one

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Is this the original model, or an Xbox One S model? If the former, do you have it enclosed in an entertainment center cabinet/TV stand? And if so, have you tried using the Nyko Intercooler (if you can even still find one) to redirect the flow of hot exhaust air out of the front of the cabinet so it doesn’t build up and make your system overheat?

I’ve been using the Intercooler since the moment Amazon could get one to me for precisely that reason. But Nyko never made them for the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X, so on the newer consoles, it’s no longer an option. Given the history of heat-related problems with the Xbox consoles, that frustrates me greatly. I am someone that unlocked the Red Ring of Death on my first Xbox 360 and I’ve never forgotten it! :-1: :unamused:

If it’s an original XB1, try doing a power reset of the console first. I’d suggest that regardless, but I’ve found doing that regularly seems to help with the game on original XB1. (Although I’ve not had an actual crash in a good long while.)

The other thing I’d try doing is going in to your Social menu, and turning off the notifications; also turn your echocast notifications (new pane added in the update) off. If those fix the issue, then you can try turning one back on if you need it. Personally, I have them both set to ‘Off’ since the only notifications I need are the ones that come through the system.

PC player here, having the same issues. Playing through the Handsome Jackpot DLC. Game crashing about every hour.

16GB 3200Mhz
Everything is up to date. (Nvidia drivers/Windows/BIOS/etc

Any thoughts? I’ve tried restarting the machine and all the basics, etc.

Check the threads in PC tech support. If you’re playing Rakk Attack FL4K, see if the problem persists when you switch build or character. Maybe also check the status of the new echocast pane in your social menu - if it’s on, try turning it off.

I am playing on Xbox One X and am having the same problem. I have only been able to complete the Malian takedown event one time out of 8 attempts due to the game locking up and crashing to home. The last time it crashed I was just looking through the loot drops on the ground with no combat.

My game crashed 5 times in 2 hours.
The map disappear 2 times and crash, and 3 times nothing, just play and crash. Im the host and i cant play.

Hey there,

First I wanna say:
I absolutely LOVE the new dlc :green_heart::purple_heart:
It’s exactly what I love, the atmosphere and scenery is awesome.

Unfortunately it makes my XBox One X crash a lot. I don’t know if there’s a specific enemy triggering it, or the area.
But so far I’ve had the game crash with console making a loud noise and freezing repeatedly in the following areas/missions:

  • The cemetery in Cursehaven was first, in the main mission, tried a few times, coop and solo, but whenever I shot or sent rakks it froze, could only progress cause my husband cleared the way while I hid somewhere (thats how we handle it all the time now, but no behaviour for a glorious Beastmaster to hide and wait☹)

  • in the Archives, when shooting the enemy that jumped out of a wall after placing the antlers.

  • Cankerwood, during the Max Sky mission

  • the Crypt in Cursehaven during the mission for Burton

  • Hammerlocks Hunt, when shooting the Yeti

Most areas seem to be okay now that the missions are completed. But farming the Yeti for example is impossible for me, solo or coop doesn’t matter it crashes almost every time.

I hardly dare shooting anymore.
I’ve also filed a support ticket, but thought I’ll also post it here so more people see it.
Please Gearbox, can you have a look into that. I’m admin in a borderlands facebook group, and this happens for others too, it’s definitely not our consoles, because it almost only happens for bl3, and the dlc has it more than the rest of the game ever had.

Thanks so much for anything you do.
Love the games, and the dlc is one of the best ever. Without the crashes it would be perfect. If the Lodge had a bank I’d move in from Sanctuary.

Happy Hunting,

I don’t know if it’s likely anything will be done about it soon. The Xbox One X has a crashing issue that hasn’t been addressed since launch. If these issues with the new DLC are related to that, chances are that it’s going to take a very long time until it is fixed.

Yes, the One X has indeed had that problem since launch, but so far it was at least in an acceptable amount. It usually only crashed when I tried to join someone, and very rarely during gameplay. I could avoid that by hosting myself instead of joining someone, but I can’t avoid playing my favourite game and dlc :cry:
It’s definitely not the console overheating, it’s not even warm when it happens.
Really needs to be adressed.

Just tried to run trial of cunning, and froze in the same spot twice. I don’t know what causes it, maybe it’s got something to do with some of the new weapons.
I just know that it is really annoying and frustrating, especially when doing trials, slaughters or takedown, and I can’t even farm certain enemies like the Yeti.

I really hope that enough people report this so there will finally something be done.

Just started to have the same issue. Everything has been running great. ( Newer xbox1X 2months old) I may have had one crash during my initial run of the dlc 2 if I remember correctly. Now trying to do a new run and am plagued by homescreen crashes. ~13 in last 24hr. Xbox is not warm at all sits on a open flow tabletop. Did a hard shutdown after 3rd crash that helped for maybe hour and a half then back to it. Hard shut down again now just continues to drop with any heavier battle scenario. Deleted the new dlc, currently reinstalling. You guys did a stellar job on this but please help us🙇

With the update and DLC there seem to be consistent crashing problems on all platforms, with some common threads. One is FL4K’s Rakk Attack. Also check the echocast settings in the new pane in the Social menu - unless you’re streaming, you probably want to turn that feature off.

There may be something going on with one of Amara’s skills as well? Still not seeing any consistent information on that one.

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I’ve asked around a bit.

People have had this happen on the original XBox One, One X and One S. All of them play Fl4k.
Another had zero crashes - he doesn’t play Fl4k.

I don’t know what triggers this, but it seems to be mostly a Fl4k problem.
Head Count was finally fixed with this same patch. Can’t it be something went wrong here?

That might be why I DON’T get crashes. I play as FL4K, but I do NOT use Rakk Attack. I prefer Stealth as my go-to. And I don’t play as Amara. :thinking:

Also, is everyone with the issue playing digital?
Should I try using my physical copy maybe? Any infos if it happens there too?

I’m on PC, where there was never an option to buy a physical copy on disc, so yes, I’m playing digital on the Epic Games Launcher. But as I just mentioned, I don’t get crashes. But the identified triggers are skills I don’t use. :man_shrugging:

I play on an Xbox One original, my friends have Xbox One S. Doesn’t matter who hosts, we have lots of crashes in the new dlc unless we go one person at a time. But I mean, what fun is that? 2 FL4Ks, 1 Amara. Certain areas seem to be okay but others present major problems seemingly at random.

I doubt this would make a difference, since I suspect something in the update conflicting with various skills or effects, but you can try it if you want to.