MASSIVE Game Breaking Bug Discovered

I’ve had TPS since Day 1. Sure, it has it’s share of bugs and glitches, what game doesn’t? But, while playing this morning, I discovered a massive game breaking bug.
Running the most recent software update on the game, and installed Claptastic Voyage.
Being near an O2 source (either an O2 generator, or O2 vent), or exiting an O2 source (including buildings that are O2 encapsulated) causes all volume except select environment sounds to drop out.
This further causes missions to not be able to advance. I had to force quit out of my game five times to complete the Lost Legion Invasion mission once arriving on Elpis. Janey would not react once the audio went out.
This issue goes a bit further than Janey not reacting, as when I arrived at the OZ Kit building, I had to restart that a handful of times just to get Janey to further the dialogue to allow me to break the latches.
Once this audio cut-out occurs, trying to save and exit does nothing. It says it’s saving, but the save does not occur. The game, also, will not exit to the main menu.
Further bugs discovered are that I can’t jump zones. I just tried going to Regolith Range and the system locked up completely.
This is a massive bug. Every time it’s triggered is by an O2 source.

I have the same problem on co op mode, everythinis super low quality and we can’t use the travel stations because it just gets stuck on a black screen wih ‘loading…’ at the top

Unholy Necro, Batman!

A couple of things:

  • Do you have the last game update installed? It would have been Fall 2015 sometime.
  • Is it on-line or local co-op? If on-line, what’s the connection indicator like (the bars that show beside a person’s name on your screen in-game)
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lmao this really got me laughing pretty good. 4 years later. Unholy Necro, Batman! :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: