Massive list of anointed items for trade

I have the following for trade, sorry for it being random. My psn is “iron_jango” and would be willing to trade for the following items

Looking for:
Rough rider - anointed bullet Regen on terror
Transformer - anointed bullet Regen on terror
Red suit - anointed bullet Regen on terror

Tinas hopper - anointed terror on ase
Storm front - anointed terror on ase
Organ - anointed terror one ase

Shrieking devil -blue shotgun- any siren specific anointment.

Weapons with siren action skill damage improvements
Phase cast increases dmg by 300%
Phase slam increases melee damage on 120% bladed weapons
Phaselock increases weapon damage 100%

Electro banjo relic
Deathless elemental projector (shock)
Loaded die with + luck
Moxxi’s Endowment with additional + xp mod

Here is what I have to offer, if you dont have anything on my list just shoot me a message I’m always interested to trade.

have multiple misc class mods as well

I have the following for trade (no particular order sorry):
Radiation stone rocket boots
Last stand pull out method
Hot drop launch pad
Fire stone static charge
Acupuncture front loader ANOINTED ase 30% dmg return
Gatling red card ANOINTED melee gen terror
Riposte impaled ANOINTED terror Regen health
Hemoraging stopgap ANOINTED terror gen amo
Inescapable thunderball fists ANOINTED terror reflects bullets
Speedlodn hellwalker ANOINTED ase status effect and dmg 75%
Supercharged ginormous gunerang XL - electric ANOINTED melee gen terror
Dangerous Superbowl ANOINTED terror gen health
Compressing Superbowl ANOINTED ase increase fire/reload
The duc ANOINTED are 2 mag cryo msg
Auditing conference call - cryo ANOINTED terror crit rate
Rebel tell ANOINTED terror health Regen
Engulfing kravvy ogre ANOINTED phasecast effect chance boost
Gratifying breeder ANOINTED ase 25% heal consume terror
Decaying barrage ANOINTED terror 50% cryo msg
Cloud kill ANOINTED stnl 100% life steal
Resolute lyuda ANOINTED terror amo gen
Ruby’s wrath ANOINTED terror reduces damage
Compressing storm ANOINTED phase grasp release terror skull
Hawt dayumned sawbar ANOINTED consume terror 4 Nova
Decaying barrage ANOINTED terror extra shot
Shocking vanquished ANOINTED terror extra shot
Decaying vanquisher ANOINTED terror bullet reflect
Arctic disciples night hawking ANOINTED phaseslam melee dmg 300%
Lucians call -corrosive ANOINTED ase 20% radiation msg
Expert asmd ANOINTED terror increased dmg/fire rate
Arctic disciplined noght hawking ANOINTED terror extra shot
Oozing roisens thorn ANOINTED terror reduces msg
Arctic trained kaos ANOINTED auto bear Regen mag
Engulfing shredifier ANOINTED terror gen ammo
Oozing vigorous roisens thorn ANOINTED ASE 15% life steal
Redundant brainstormer ANOINTED are 2 mag fire msg
Molten vicious lyuda ANOINTED phase grasp release terror skull
Firesale long musket xxx ANOINTED ase 20% rad msg
Firewall long musket ++ ANOINTED terror health Regen
Premium firewall polybius ANOINTED phase grasp accuracy/handling
Premium frozen polybius ANOINTED terror bullet reflect
Venomous hornet ANOINTED melee terror gen
Supercharged polybius ANOINTED terror 50% cryo dmg
Shrinking devils foursome ANOINTED iron bear 2 mag fire rate/crit rate
Burning overcompensating bearcat ANOINTED phase grasp release terror skull
Unlimited baby maker ++ ANOINTED ase fire rate/reload speed
Hyperfocus xz41 ANOINTED terror bullet reflect
Powerhouse bitch ANOINTED melee terror gen
Itchy breeder
High capacity stalker ANOINTED melee terror gen
The duc ANOINTED ase 2 mag 50% cryo dmg
Burning flakker ANOINTED ase melee 100%
Cryo stone loaded dice
Atom balm cosmic crater
Handsome jackhammer - radiation ANOINTED phase grasp release terror skull
Sublime terminator ANOINTED terror health Regen
Double penetrating devistator ANOINTED melee terror gen
Engulfing shredifier ANOINTED we 25% max health consume terror
Compressing Superbowl ANOINTED melee gen terror
Dangerous trevenator
High capacity warlord ANOINTED ase 20% rad dmg
Decaying barrage
Subsidized developing fearmonger ANOINTED reload consumes terror for nova
oozing the boring gun ANOINTED phase grasp give handling/accuracy
Barricade rectifier ANOINTED barrier charges shields
Firestorm ANOINTED phase grasp releases terror skulls
Hazmat rectifier ANOINTED melee terror gen
Adtenaline rough rider ANOINTED phase grasp constant nova
Rough rider. ANOINTED terror reduces dmg
Hinter sleeker ANOINTED terror reduce all dmg
Negate ANOINTED terror reduce msg
Overflowing scream of terror
Fire stone loaded dice
Ice spiker victory rush
Radiation stone Otto idol
Double penetrating roisen’s thorn ANOINTED terror fires extra
Searing hungry kaos ANOINTED melee terror gen
Mocking devoted ANOINTED terror bullet reflect
Razrez sickle ANOINTED terror amo gen
Subsidized butcher ANOINTED reload consumes terror 4 Nova
Hawt dayumn sawbar ANOINTED still 100% life steal
Powerhouse bitch ANOINTED melee applies terror
Moar pain is power ANOINTED phase grasp releases terror skull
Shocking star helix ANOINTED terror amo gen
Hawt pain is power ANOINTED terror health Regen
Rowans call - radiation ANOINTED terror crit damage
Subsidized powerhouse fearmonger - shock ANOINTED phase grasp release terror skull
Echidna rectifier ANOINTED phasegrasp release terror skull
Spiked shell red card ANOINTED are 25% max health heal
Ion barrier dfront loader ANOINTED terror reduces msg
Kneel and heal stop gap ANOINTED terror reduces dmg
The transformer ANOINTED terror health Regen
Generator transfusion tracker ANOINTED terror health Regen
Rough and tumble big boom blaster ANOINTED 100% melee on deplete
Storm front ANOINTED ase gen 1 grenade
Berzerker commander planetoid
Fire stone cosmic crater
Radiodead pullout method
Engulfing faisor ANOINTED iron bear no ammo consume 5 sec
Relentless vanquisher ANOINTED terror amo gen
Itchy try bolt ANOINTED terror health Regen
Defrauding bitch ANOINTED ase 25% max health
Nasty devils 4some ANOINTED ase 20% rad msg
Binary stark cutsman ANOINTED barrier stays effect chance 50%
The boring gun ANOINTED ase 125% splash dmg
The lob ANOINTED terror amo Regen
Casual flakker ANOINTED terror health Regen
Cryo stone white elephant
Corrosive stone safeguard
Shrinking boring gun ANOINTED exite iron bear reload speed/handling
Compressing storm ANOINTED phase grasp fires terror skulls
Firestorm ANOINTED ASE 25% max health
Storm front ANOINTED reload consumes terror 4 Nova
Adrenaline rough rider ANOINTED ase terror gen
Firestorm ANOINTED ase 25% max health Regen
Hazardous thunderball fists ANOINTED ase 2 mag 50% rad dmg
Artic star helix ANOINTED terror fires extra shot
Binary compressing terminator ANOINTED ase status dmg/effect increased 75%
Undermining crossroad ANOINTED phase grasp releases terror skull

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