Massive physX lag on GTX 670

So I’m running a GTX 670 and I was happy when I got it because I could
finally use borderlands 2 and pre-sequel PhysX. But to my surprise it
lags like hell. 15-30FPS in combat and its even worse in pre-sequel. I
installed those legacy drivers and the one that everyone says works and I
only got a tiny increase in FPS. Any help? I love physX and what it
does but there is no way it runs that bad especially on a GTX 670.

I have just run into similar problems with a GTX 780…but the problems just arrived with the Windows 10 ver1511 update which showed up on my machine Thursday night.

I am using the latest Nvidia Driver

I am going to run through my settings and see if some combo will help.

The Lag is making the Pre-Sequel virtually unplayable.

Try this:

First ensure PhysX is set to your Graphics cards and not your CPU
NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings > Set PhysX Configuration > Choose Auto-Select OR your GPU.

If CPU is selected, PhysX will be greyed out in Borderlands 2.

Now experiment with lowering PhysX settings…from Ultra high down a notch or two.

I like PhysX as well…but realize that BL2 and the pre-sequel have problems with it. Loot falling through the floor at places like Bunk3r, Sanctuary Fast Travel Station and the 4-Box Loot Midget room in the WEP…etc

I see that physX is set to my GPU and in BL2 and pre-sequel I turned it down to med in BL2 still laggy and pre-sequel high still laggy medium still laggy. I don’t really mind loot falling through the floor. For me its just in sanctuary in the fast travel room so i just avoid dropping stuff there. I have had this issue since windows 7 so I upgrade to 10 and the issue is still here. I noticed some new updates in pre-sequel and BL2 but none of them regarding physX besides BL2 where I guess physX would cause rakks to deform sometimes.

Try rebuilding your game cache in steam
Right click on game in Steam Library
Local files
Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Try lowering some of the graphics options one notch…View distance, texture quality, etc

BL2 is an older game on the unreal Engine…you almost assuredly will not notice much of a difference in graphics quality.

Make sure you have limited background stuff running at the same time. You might try MSConfig and see what is running at startup that you don’t need. It’s amazing all the junk that is loaded ahead of time that is almost assuredly unnecessary and taking up resources.

Also make sure you are running the game at your suggested monitor’s settings.

OBTW…Setting PhsX to LOW solved all of my problems with the new Win 10 Update ver 1511

I want to have physX on though. I have done all of that.

Low is still on…just less effects.

Last suggestion.

Uninstall Nvidia drivers…then use something like Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper

Then Reboot and completely reload the latest Nvidis Driver.

If that doesn’t work I am fresh out of ideas…sorry.