Master build lists?

I noticed there are no master build lists in the resource guides for the characters. Do they not exist or have I just not found them?

The person handling Athena’s has stopped coming here.
Jack never had one made for him.
Nisha’s is here and is still updated as people submit their builds.
I thought I made one for Clappy, but I guess I forgot. :dukefp:
Aurelia’s is here, but I don’t know if Dank is still updating it.

Ultimately these lists are worthless unless builders ask that their builds be added.

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Thanks, I plan on submitting one or two but didn’t know where to go.

If they’re for a toon who doesn’t already have a list, let me know and I’ll port the one from the old forums over. I don’t mind maintaining them, but as I said, they’re worthless unless people submit their builds.

I’m planning on starting a building/tinkering thread for Jack. Not exactly the same, since I won’t make the OP a table of contents, but I hope to give people a place to list variations of all kinds, whether unique or simply tweaks and alternates.

Yes, I am. :slight_smile:

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Uh, oops…I did make a build list for Clappy, but people aren’t submitting their builds. :dukeangry: