Master build threads?

i remember back in the bl2 forums there was a sticky post in each vault hunter section for a community build list, made it super easy to find builds to try out or show off and really helped new players (or new to the vh) easily grasp the many ways each could be played.

Do these exist for our current forums? i cant seem to find them if they do. forgive me if im having a low iq moment

Such master build lists require a person to maintain them - same as the community resource guides. Preferably someone who is going to be around for a while! Are you volunteering to do one?

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They exist, but some of them (Gunner and Beastmaster) are dead:


ah, thanks. i dont have the time to manage a thread reliably sadly or i would love to start some com threads.

Piggybacking here, I manage the threads for Moze, Amara, and Zayn and try to be active with it. There just seem to be less build threads (besides Amara) posted here compared to just YouTube and such this time around.


thanks for your efforts! i will for sure check them out and possibly contribute a few builds ive been messin with.