Master gee gate kill not working?

has the master gee gate kill been fixed? im on the 360 and everytime ive tried to use the gate to kill master gee he just gets pushed back into the arena by the gate instead of killing him, i get him right where the videos say to, shoot him to start the battle then melee him into the gate, gate gets most of the way down then suddenly pushes gee back into the arena

Never heard of that trick before but I can say from the last few times I attempted to fight him that the ‘hiding behind rock while arena fills with acid’ trick only worked once- and that was in normal. All my attempts to follow this trick later results in the rising acid pool reaching me as well as the attacks of Gee and the worms. It may have been patched after all…

If you do that right there are no acid pools to spread.

yea, the hiding behind the rock things still works, did that the other day, just got tired of waiting forever for him to die, so i kept trying to use the gate trick to kill him as its much faster, but could not get it to work

You’ll waste more time messing up the gatekill, than you would save in the few instances you’d get it to happen. Just kill him the legit way, as it seems you can do so.

It’ll save time in the long run.

you must have fistful of hurt. works as of 1 week ago. only works with gunzerker, obviously. if done correctly gee should take about 1 minute to kill. dunno how a legit kill could be faster, especially on op8.

oh, cool, thanks, just respecced into fistful of hurt and it worked