Master Gee is no fun

As i type this on my phone my axton is cowering behind the rock watching Gee"shea

Yeah, he’s a jerk that refuses to die. At least for me. :confused:

Gee is all about getting him to absorb the pools of acid his worms make when they die. If you can’t do that, then he’s not going anywhere. The only problem with this is the more acid pools he absorbs, the more damage he does. I stopped dealing with him because of this.

I use the Legendary Engineer Mod and try to distract him with my turret(s) while I kill worms, 1 at a time so I dont get caught up in the acid pools, and use singularity grenades to get him to absorb them.

Definitely not one of my favorite bosses, loot pool kinda sucks and he takes too long to kill for a meh reward

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I checked it out to see how the fight goes. Not a fan. I like the basic concept (acid pool absorbing mechanic), but not the whole picture.

I vastly prefer fights like the Son of Craw raid. That one is a great time. I go fight him even though the loot typically sucks.

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I’ve killed him multiple times in the past but I don’t bother with Gee anymore. Aweful fight that I feel is not worth the effort.

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Only reason I find him useful is for the Ahab on my gunzerker. That’s the only reason I’d ever farm that guy. He’s a jerk :frowning:. I don’t know though. I understand that he could be fun as a boss but why did gearbox have to make it so that pretty much the only way you could damage him is by the acid. It really ruins the effectiveness of your gear. The whole fight for me is basically me spamming the quazar and grog nozzle except for the occasional worm that pops out… :sob:

With Maya, using PL on a worm right before you kill it procs converge which pulls Gee directly into the pool. Makes him pretty easy. Then all you need is weapons with enough damage per ammo to last through the fight.

agree not fun, he is the only Raid Boss I will not go back to or even help someone with

OP8 and Axton…it can be done but it is EXTREMELY difficult.

1 in 70 some tries…at least for me.

But the Ahab is essential for certain skills/builds so I kept at it.

Finally did it and got a …Devastator…LOL

Said to heck with that and just used the “hide behind the rock and go read a book” trick…

3rd try was the charm.

But I’d really be willing to work with other Axton’s to come up with a good weapons/build/tactics that could at least get you to a 1 in 5 ratio…hell, I’d settle for 1 in 10.

And guys…please don’t show me those vids of the Raid Board leaders.

I hope you guys realize that the one kill shown on the vid represents usually around 100-200 tries.

Whenever I do decide that I want to kill Gee, which is not very common. I use the gate crush method. I found Gate Crush the Invincible mildly enjoying at lower levels, but once I hit the OP levels, or even UVHM it just got to be too long of a fight.

I’m not familiar with the “gate crush method”.

Can you elaborate?

when you open the gate to get into the arena, you don’t go inside. you stay by the opening lever and don’t move. during this you are able to move Gee around with singularity grenades with out starting the fight, because your not inside the arena. by throwing the grenades in certain spots, it is possible to push him up against the door. Once he is up against the door, you enter the arena, throw a singularity outside the gate, this will start the fight and pull him into the door again. the door will begin closing, and will crush him if all goes well. I’m fairly certain that this still works even after recent patches.

Here is a link for a YouTube video -


Ha… Never knew…will have to try this for the heck of it.

Sounds a TON faster than the “hide behind the rock and read a book” trick…LOL


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No Problem :smile:

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I think Bahroo has a video demonstrating it. Sticky Longbow Quasar was the tool, if I recall correctly.

its not that easy and he times out and returns to center fairly quickly. To the point where im wondering if it’s been patched.

I will try it later today, I hope that I have not given bad information. D:

I am wondering if its still possible to kill vermi with a train. A while back it seemed like he doesn’t clip with the tundra express. : (