Master Gee the Invincible

As a level 68 I’m having trouble fighting a level 52 Raid Boss on TVHM. I don’t see how that’s possible cause I killed Voracidous and Hyperius in less than a minute. I need help or suggestions on how to fight him. It’s the last quest I need to do to get the last achievement for the dlc.

I think his health drain is percentage based- you just gotta regen until he dies or becomes vulnerable.

If it’s just about the acheivment, i would either do it on normal mode, or gatecrush him.

Do you know how the fight works?

While he has his shield, he can’t be hurt by anything except the acid from the puddles that are left behind whenever a worm dies. He needs to be close to it for a few seconds for him to absorb it. It takes a while until you figure out how to maneuver him into the acid, but using the skill “Fistful of Hurt” from the Brawn tree as well as a singularity grenade (I would personally go with a slag element because I think it also makes his shield deplete faster) to pull/punch him into the middle of the puddles will make it relatively easy. Once the acid has depleted his shield, he will be vulnerable, at which point you can just shoot him in the face until he dies.

I typically continue to get him into acid puddles once his shield has depleted because I don’t want to take damage from the acid myself.

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x2 on this! There is no quicker way unlike the other bosses than having him die slowly with the acid pool from the worms. It a bit of a long drawn out fight but you can do it and the main objective is to withstand and last. Make sure you have a slag rubi or grog to slag and replenish health. We used a lower level slag bonnie so it doesn’t damage us but just enough to keep it slagged. Maybe even a slag o matic will work. Sal ran around to where the acid pool is and drew gee towards it. Goodluck!

EDIT: My mistake. I didn’t realize you meant tvhm.

This isn’t at all necessary for TVHM Gee, but absorbing some of the the acid pools yourself will buff your DPS by a lot.
You’ll need to tank the DOT of course, but ‘stealing’ some of the pools for yourself is very helpful once his shield is down.
Since he gets the same buff on his launcher, it makes a fair amount of tactical sense when you do this at level.

Good luck!