Master/hunter hybrid build

This was inspired by fl4k nerfs and I wanted to try out the master tree more for mobbing benefits

Here’s my mod Rabid Bounty Hunter +1 hunters eye, +1 the most dangerous game, +3 frenzy. Percent bonuses: +28% splash damage, +31% shotgun damage, + 31% AR damage

Here’s the skills

Stalker tree
+5 furious attack

Master Tree
+2 Ferocity
+3 persistence hunter
+4 who rescued who
+8 frenzy with mod bonuses

  • 1 psycho head on a stick
  • 5 barbaric yawp
    +1 mutated defenses

Hunter tree
+5 interplanetary stalker
+3 hunters eye With mod bonus
+3 head count
+5 two f4ng
+3 big game
+4 the most dangerous game with mod bonus
+1 galactic shadow

Preferred weapons will differ unless you have a similar mod to me but prefered weapons will be ARs and shotguns and better yet ARs and shotguns that do splash damage to get the best effect. Any weapon that does splash outside those weapon types will work as well.

Shield:my preference is the stop gap for survivability with immunity to damage after shield break, move speed when depleted, and resistance to last damage received.

Relic is preference atm need time to test

Grenade- shield stripping grenades like the quasar or stormfront

Augments for me personally to try gamma burst

Empathic rage +20% damage boost while GB is active is pretty solid. Synergize with persistence hunter.
Endurance- skill duration +3% seconds per kill
Pet damage+10% per kill both by fl4k or pet(who we kidding probably fl4k) endurance synergizes with empathic rage pretty well and once pets get a boost it will be solid for them too.

Pet choice- this is 100% preference I highly suggest great horned skag, eridian skag, or spider ant scorcher

They all give fl4k 200% bonuses from barbaric yawp

GH skag +15% damage +30% gun damage
Eridian skag +15% damage +15% fire rate
Scorcher +3% health regen + 30% elemental damage

Staple skills
*Furious attack- damage stacks
*Frenzy-damage stacks
*Big game- boosts hunter skills effects and duration
*The most dangerous game- multiple buffs for 2plus minutes
*Head count- action skill cooldown reduction on crit
*Who rescued who? Your pet is your ally help them stay alive with +4% of fl4ks damage dealt heals pet. Your pet is crucial and gives from 40%-64% damage bonus from frenzy when they attack enemies.

First impression is that there is less hand holding then the crit build but if you play your cards right and use your pet as a partner you can definitely stack many damage buffs. It seems very viable although pets are kinda trash but since I can heal the pet based on my damage dealt along with mutated defenses I can keep the pet alive and attack so frenzy stays at max stacks(64% damage). I really like the ability to bring the pet back with GB as well. Landing crits to reduce cool down is easy enough for me at least.

For reference for those who want to see what damage buffs I’m running when at full stacks, plus pet bonus, plus skills
20% gun damage from furious attack max stack
64% damage from frenzy max stack
12% gun damage from Persistence hunter passive skill
30% gun damage 15% damage gh skag -passive with pet
30% damage from interplanetary stalker max stacks
33% gun damage from the most dangerous game
20% empathic rage augment

Not sure on the gun damage/damage formula calculations and how they work with each other

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Torgue weapons will love that com.

1 point in He Bites would help trigger Frenzy.
The scorcher seems like a better pet for you too for the elemental multiplier since you already have plenty of damage/gun damage.

You also might get more value out of skipping Furious Attack and investing in to more bulk, or going down to megavore to just be more aggressive on the trigger especially since splash damage weapons tend to have longer travel time which makes critting a little trickier.

Looks pretty good!


He bites triggers frenzy? That sounds like a great idea. More stacks equals more damage. Yea I wasnt sure with pets as the three I mentioned are all good choices. I’m kinda bummed the eridian skag is only at 15% damage and fire rate though that singularity would be crazy good

Do you know how gun damage and damage apply to each other? Is it additive or multiplicative

Yea I saw instant TORQUE synergy when I picked this mod up. Getting the right rolls on mods is hard enough. Havent tested many TORQUE weapons though. I’ve been using the hell out of dahl but they dont get the full benefit as most dont have splash. The flakker would love this mod for sure though

I’m pretty sure the “Damage” bonus is multiplicative since it applies to all damage Fl4k deals, like an elemental multiplier.
Including grenades so it should multiply on top of your splash damage for them as well. Big booms.

This is not too different from my Rakk build actually.

So your reason for picking the spider ant is to boost fl4ks elemental damage since that’s where he is lacking plus a little more bulk/survivability from the health regen?

Yep basically. The 30% element is basically worth the same dps increase as the 15%/30% from the GH skag but unlike the gun damage its a multiplier also applying to my grenades, and I’m getting the extra healing on top of that.

Sounds good enough to me. I feel like 3% is enough regen for me. Right now it’s to much investment to put into other regen skills though

You can also try to use Legendary Cosmic Stalker class mod, it buffs Big Game (up to +3) and gives 25% buff to Hunter skills passively, so it basicly buffs Frenzy, Furious attack, Most dangerous game and Interplanetery Stalker even further.

P.S. I feel like a lot of people underappreciate the amount of Handling Furious attack gives.

I for one love furious attack and 48% ain’t no joke. The reason I choose the mod I have now is because of the percent bonuses it gives are just great. Havent found one that synergizes with two weapon classes so well

Exactly, it’s a type of boost that’s easy to get used to cos of how better gunplay starts feeling with it

By the way the flakker does love that mod. A whole lot. Explosions a lot

Also in my my expierence initial Radiation burst from Gamma Burst can still reliably kill normal mobs as long as they dont have shields, so maybe Quasar will better just to pull them closer and strip their shields.

I do have that cosmic stalker mod but my bonuses are +2 interplanetary stalker,+2 hunters eye, +2 big game and percent bonuses are +25% weapon damage, +45% jakobs weapon critical damage, +50% tediore accuracy. So it leans more towards a jakobs allegiance build

True, but it is something to look out for in case it drops with boosts similar to what you want

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