“Master of all you survey” trophy bug ps4

Need some help here, this trophy is my last and I discovered everything so many times but still i did not get it… Can someone help me?

The trophy is bugged, there is multiple threads going around at the moment and it still hasn’t been addressed, I had the same issue but mine popped on the splinterlands, I’m not saying it will fix it but try fast travelling to donnys workshop location and then drive to the other fast travel as you would enter the map normally, there is a bug it wont read when you enter the map on that side but it reads when you come in from the opposite direction (I hope I explained that well enough) and wish you luck. If not try YT there could be a video on it IIRC :+1:

I am suffering from the same issue. I have the Promethea, Nektrotefayo, and all locations trophy still locked. From what I understand, everytime you close the application the game “forgets” locations you have discovered even though the counter will read 223/223 or vice versa. I have also heard fast traveling to S3 will break location discovery as well. In order to get the trophies for Eden-6 and Pandora I had to visit every named location in one go without traveling to santuary or closing the appilcation. With that being said, I refuse to do that same thing with the afformentioned and collectively to get the remaining trophies. It’s very frustrating and confusing that the counters are maxed yet not trophies have been given. I have heard through the grapevine and sprinkled in other threads that this issue should finally be resolved in the upcoming patch. I hope this mini explanation was helpful.

That sounds rough having to do it in all one sitting, just give everyone the trophy at this stage and be done with it, I had another trophy glitch with the eridian writings, very poor design and implementation from GB

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Same with the eridian wrtitings here. Had to go to the phat slab in S3 and scan it 5 times and it gave me the trophy. Super odd but hey at least I got it. To be honest, I want the platinum bad enough that I would consider running to every location and discovering them all in one sitting if I didn’t know what was going to happen already. The game would crash part way through. The sad truth is that it isn’t if, its when.

8 months down the line and still broken says it all, hope your perseverance gets rewarded

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They sent me an email and says, that they fixed it. So let’s try it again if it did not work again I’ll send them an email again.

Were they explicit in saying they fixed it? I got a very generic response saying “We are looking into this, blah blah blah, your best option is to go and rediscover every area in your own solo game.” That isn’t going to cut it for me. Their counter in game says 223/223. I am not going to re-do what I’ve already done for the chance that it still doesn’t work.

Don’t! It’s really annoying there is one place I can’t discore its name because it’s not showen in my screen. Why there is so many bugs wth!!!

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Why is this posted in the Bulletstorm forum? Go to the BL3 portion.

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The way I did it is I turned everything off including my internet. I went over every location again. Including the slaughter houses the maliwan black site and all the trials. Don’t forget athena, that also counts as some locations. There apps that have maps to help find these locations.PS_Messages_20200527_121422|690x388