"Master of all you Survey" trophy glitch

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone will have the answer to this as I have tried everything I have found on the internet / through game guides to get a fix.

I have discovered all named locations and have the trophies for Pandora, Eden 6, Nekrotafeyo and Promethea but the master of all you survey trophy will not pop. I have completed all proving grounds and circles of slaughter as well as Maliwan Takedown (although I don’t believe this is included in the locations list).

If anybody knows why this trophy won’t pop for me I’d be very grateful. Have cross referenced the map about 100 times and every location is there. Highly frustrating.

Thanks in advance!

How about Athenas?
What’s your total location count?

Location count is 223/223

There isn’t a trophy for Athenas location discovery. I’ve tried revisiting the areas people have most frequently had trouble with - Jasons Waterfall, Logans Spar etc but still nothing.

Hi there,

Exactly the same issue, and I also tried the same thing as you…

Please get ride of this.