Master of Beatrix (and everyone else)

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Also here’s her legendary in case anyone wants to see that.


Congratz! My update is only at 1% still - going to be a while before I get to do her lore.

Any tips or are they all pretty easy?

Most of her challenges are pretty easy, there is one long challenge where she has to do 50k damage wither her primary attack in 10 games. After a bit of testing I found out that doing Attikus’ Op solo would give me 50k damage just before the aria fight if I only used my weapon to kill things.

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Awesome - will definitely keep this in mind when doing that one!

You can do the Shining Crazy Diamond challenge on pve? Apparently I have 3/100 and I only done Oskar Mike Operation. I’m terrible on pvp games and I’m always a fodder, hope I can figure out what i’ve done.

That is a really good question… By “only did the Mike OP” I’m assuming you don’t have any.mutie helixes… Did you take Bloodsport at level three?

I gotta try this… That’s the only thing I see that involves both Infection and Battleborn (life steal, mostly.)

Third post ever. It’s a weird day.

I’ve been really anticipating and knew I’d main Beatrix since I saw her, so I’ve been playing her all day. I’m pretty much an exclusive PvE player and I’ve been doing the Sentinel and Experiment chapters on ADV HC trying to farm Bola’s and Song of Vigor. I have over 40 of the Shining Diamond done. They seem to go off when I infect major Thrall enemies, maybe a specific type such as the Thrall Beastmasters. I also had a theory when I first noticed it about potentially hitting allies by accidentally reflecting shots off of reflecting shields like the Elite bots have. I haven’t exactly tested anything. Just theories.

I’m guessing it recognizes major enemies as battleborn and vice cersa for this skill. Probably not intentional so you should get this done as quickly as possible before they fix it

How in the hell does it work? The movement speed or lifesteal throws me off. Does it buff both? Does it surprise you with one or the other? Also is it stronger buffs for fuller mags or stronger buffs for less mag?

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Oh well I end up sacrificing myself and doing chaos rumble, which is a terrible experience for me. Only need to do the Outbreak challenge which I don’t know how to do it :s

You are evil!

OK, maybe not evil but it’s the only thing I came up with. :smile:

Well I’m back and I can say with absolute certainty that Bloodshot will be the first thing nerfed on her because holy ■■■■ is that helix good!

Oh, and I think the general consensus is right, and it’s counting major enemies as Battleborn. I’m only up to 4, and I stabbed way more enemies than that.

If you look on the bright side, tho, you don’t have to score any kills to get it. The way it’s written, it looks like you just have to land a shot on someone.

I haven’t really had an opportunity to test it yet, but I’m assuming that when you have full ammo your shots get bonus life steal and as you run out of ammo you get less lifesteal but get more movement speed.


For the Solo PvE players, you can finish the lore using Deande in Helio:



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Are you refering to Shining Crazy Diamond? Cause I have no idea how to make it count. I got Chimera Obscura with Deande no problem…

I tend to think aswel that major Thrall enemies cause this.

Thinking about it. I have the feeling they ment higher forms of Thrall, it makes more sense.

It is my belief that taking the double dose helix in story mode is the best way to get that one. Anything else, I can’t get a count.

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I just found this guide for getting all of the lore challenges. Maybe it can help everyone.