Master of Benedict Skin

Hello, I have completed all Lore Challenges, obtained rank 15, and played a match after doing both, but I do not have the skin unlocked.

The first screenshot shows my stuff is completed, Rank 15/15 and 100% Lore and Mastery.

This screenshot shows the Lore picture, with it filled in completely.

This one shows the skin is locked, I obtained Rank 15 many months ago, the lore challenges being completed about a week ago, I played a match last night, I also do not have the Master of Benedict title.

I’ll assume its bugged, but can anyone help?

iirc you have to complete a mission now.

Yup, try completing a Story map.

Just completed The Algorithm with Benedict with a team, I did not get the skin :frowning:

Here is a screenshot of my progress towards it.

No one knows why I don’t have it yet? :frowning:

I also have this problem with Benedict, I’ve done the same that you but the master and skin still locked. The problem with me, it was that when they reduced to play 5 times with 3 pacekeepers to only 3 times, I had already 3 and all the other 4 lore unlocked, so automatically I have finished the 5 lores but it still continues locked. Of course I have Benedict 15 level and I’ve played with he after then.

Sorry my english is not my first language, regards.