Master of caldarius bugged?!?!

I recently tried completing master of caldarius challege for the title and skin. upon completing my lore challege with melee kills on same team as rath, i dc’d and had to redo it. it said i completed the master challenge but when i logged in the lore challeng wasnt done but my master was even tho i wasnt rewarded the skin. i tried completing it and upon so the master challenge for him still didnt reward me. Please help if you can!!!

Are you at 15? You get the skin after you’ve reached that point and completing a match as 15.

Yes I am level 15 and I have completed all lore challenges and leveled him to 15. Currently on rank 5 wins and rank 5 games played for caldarius as well.

But it still hasn’t rewarded me the skin or title for him as of 5/31/16

Bump need help

Seriously are these forums dead? Is there any support for the game, because i feel like we’re I being abandoned!

This is clearly a tech issue, so since you need tech help… move it to the right section. You’ll probably get better help there. Also contact support, get a ticket number and have them start looking into your issue.
Us players can’t fix this kinda thing for you.
Best of luck man.