Master of Deande!

Wow! This was tough.
Got all the way to level 68, maxed Deande also of course.

Left the 10,000 damage in Helio for last. Good choice.
For the 20% health challenge I used the first map, the part with the runway at the beginning.
Very easy to do that there.

Bonus skin, her legendary attack mod and unlocked Kleese, which was already unlocked. :wink:

Yes, we need more masters of Deande! Well done!


I just finished up her lore challenges today but I can’t say I enjoy using her, also if you go on the renegade you can stand in the lava at the 1st defence until under 20% health and spam the decoy/cloak

This was relatively easy to do Rendain was the easiest thing and was done right away in reality it was just grinding out some of the longer ones and blink storm cause that ability is useless half the time but either way Deande should be mastered more.

So Sir/Madam as another Master of Deande myself I salute you.

Also I have Phoebe Mastered and I am 4 levels away from mastering Mellka. Thinking about going Kleese or Ghalt next any ideas on which way I should go.

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…Well done, I didn’t get Thorn mastered but did very much enjoy doing this with Deande.

Have anyone else experienced this?

Watch until 0:40 at least. Lothar, that smartsy pants just disappears. The best revenge against Deande. After that I walk around ulting trying to… Idk;… hit a bugged invisible Rendain.

I got tired and started to spend my extra lifes in order to leave with my 8031 damage to Rendain, just to ended up not finishing the story. I’ve lost the match history and all my efforts were futile.


Welcome to the club!!