Master of [faction]

Just wondering how people would feel about titles which engulfed entire factions. Eg: mastering all Eldrid gives Master of Eldrid and stuff like that?


This is a great idea, I’d love master of LLC.

Wait, no, I hate El Dragon. Still a good idea.

I can’t stand El Dragon either. Hate playing him or playing against him.

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I just find him so bloody obnoxious. His quotes, the way he yells and repeats his name, and that stupid trolly clap. He seems like a character 12 year olds would spam. I get the reasoning behind his creation and being the way he is I do, but I can’t stand any of it.

I especially hate when he’s on my team. When the gates open at the beginning of a match each chatacter has a set of quotes, war cries if you will (One of Thorn’s is actually “WAR CRY!”). The first time I had an El Dragon on my team was on Meltdown, when the gates opened he yelled “EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON” which irritated me so much, I went left as I usually do and I could still hear him when I was deep in the left lane with him on the right. I’ll never forget that, and I’ve hated him ever since because of it. I do like killing him though :slight_smile:

I quote someone (dont remember who exactly) on this forum when I say El Dragon is a shenanigan.

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I like him, he is the first one i mastered, and i’m 31, not 12, so you’re a bit wrong on that end, it’s fine that you don’t like him but no reason to be a schlong about it.

Personally i dislike Mellka and Reyna, but that’s just because their hair looks stupid, to me that is. playstyle i just don’t like Benedict.

I’m not being a “schlong” that’s just how I feel about him. You can like him, anyone can I don’t care, but my opinion on him is… Not good? :slight_smile:

That is fair enough, there is always characters one does not like.

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This isnt as much related. But I played Reyna only because of her dbz taunt. I sucked.
Worth it.

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I suppose it’d be cool, but I honestly don’t care about “Master of…” titles unless it’s Toby. They don’t really mean much because you can just play them a bit to level them up and a lot of lore is either easy to farm or will be completed normally by the time you reach character rank 8 or 9.

Idk some of them are slightly hard. Thorns spry sprite spray, Attikus’ smash Rendains mug, Toby’s as you stated, Wf too (according to me), literally any kill X battleborn lol. But yeah I see your point :slight_smile:

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