"Master of Marquis" Featuring a Pentakill

Feel Free to post some of your best Marquis screenshots :wink:
Would love to see fellow Marquis competitors.

Oh… and for those that don’t want to scroll down to find the Penta video:

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Random 35 Assists recent game :smiley:

Nice I’ll have to post some of mine, so far highest kill streak is 21, at least I know their are some good marquis players that don’t glitch.

How do you know he didn’t glitch? Honestly more impressed with Thorn’s 16-4 than DemonicFPS’s 18-0.

That Thorn is one of the best thorn’s I’ve seen yet being played tactically, that player also was one of the first people to achieve “Master of Thorn” title :wink:

Point is, I’ve done my job at assisting and covering fire… as far as scores go, we both went 20+ kills tons of times.
I’ve went 15+ kills with thorn myself at least 2 or 3 times despite not playing her much.


Oh? Best Thorn? whats his address? I’ll 1v1 him! But not IRL… im a fat loser IRL so lets keep it in the game.

Pff… I see what glitch you’re talking about now, No I didn’t do it to that extent, at most I took a way a few hp from the Sentry, but only while my team was hitting it.

Just lost against a Marquis with 1 kill, 5 deaths… that just sat in the base killing the sentry while we were pushing, and once the 1st sentry is down the minions are too hard to deal with that early in the game. So I see why people hate it right now.

Though, If someone wouldn’t pick my Marquis on my team and disconnect right after it, it would have been a different game, doesnt’ help that i was playing with 500ms either.

Yep… the only way to counter it is to push past the enemy team and harrass them, but they already did damage at that point in most cases. Deade is awesome to use for that reason… I love hearing “Their ■■■■■■■ marquis is glitching our sentry again!” cause then I just go in there and ■■■■ their day up xD

It’s a draw… dammit :smiley: (amount of kills)
Me and Thorn were competing for the amount of kills, like we usually do :smile:

And graum I would assume that he wouldn’t because he actually knows how to play marquis. I would say that glitch is for people that don’t know how.
By the way demonic what do you usually get for accuracy?

80-85% usually, had games where I went into 90%+

@ Edit…
I’ll rephrase myself, 84% Total Accuracy
And I was hitting 80/90% accuracy matches before I stopped caring and started going full attackspeed + passive detonations + prefiring corners, etc… so my accuracy per match dropped down to like 60s

Attackspeed build: 30-65% accuracy
Damage build: 75-90%+ accuracy

As for glitching… I looked at a sentry today from headshot-spot on the stairs… multiple times, had the shot on it all the time, didn’t take it. Cause i didn’t want to be a douche + what’s the fun in ending the games so fast? It’s already enough for me that people ragequit as soon as I kill them every-time they’re back and the other team surrenders with whatever players are left in the game, games are going by too fast, wish you would only be able to surrender at 10 minutes or something.

K I don’t feel so bad I usually do speed build and average 55% accuracy. Usually I have a match where someone uses the glitch against me but I avoid it even when they are…feels wrong. Plus it takes no skill to do it. I had to stop pushing when I was trying to get the 6000 damage ultimate, made to many people rage quit.

To bad the people that complain marquis being OP don’t actually play him and see how hard he is to play. Cause I know I had a hard timenough at the beginning. I still have to play a warm up match or 2 before I start destroying people

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On echelon, had to be the pusher since no one else would

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Just going to leave this here…

Pentakill? :smiley:

@ Edit, added Penta-Kill video to the top, should I delete it from here (on the bottom?)

I seem to have way better aiming when I’m drunk

Do you happen to have any tips for fighting a Toby that has a constant shield wall, I can’t think of anything to get passed that thing. Other than practically getting behind him.

Every Toby… even Master-rank Toby’s… feel far too confident behind that little energy wall.

I just shoot the shield they pop up, pop it as soon as they bring it up, all it takes is 3 shots, usually I bring it down so fast that the Toby will almost always react slow and will let you get in either a Crit or 2 shots, 3 shots sometimes for the kill If I jump-shoot them from a ledge or something.

I ALWAYS take the 2 extra clips helix, means I can just spam bullets at the shield and still have enough to kill someone behind it, same with Isic’s shield, Galilea’s… etc
Late-Game I’ve got about 40/50% extra attackspeed with 8 bullets in the mag allowing me to bring down multiple targets really fast as long as I hit all of the 8 bullets.

Or you can ignore the Toby completely if it’s at long range… just side-step all of his slow-moving projectiles, zoom out, strafe to the side, zoom in, take a quick shot at some of his teammates in the open and continue doing so while proceeding to dodge all of his high damage stuff. < Same technique for any other ranged character that has fairly slow moving projectiles, Thorn is an example of that aswell.

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Hi, I’m a Marquis player as well, but never rack up that many kills in a game, usually just a lot of assists on my good days. At rank 5, do you take the left or right helix? The mutation is useless as far as I can tell. I usually take the left one, as I figure I’ll rarely get 3 shots on a moving battle born, but I see a lot of players saying they take the right for the increased damage. Which do you think is better?