Master of Maya's Melee Amara Build

A lot of people are making Amara, Zane and Moze builds, and as the self-proclaimed Master of Maya allow me to grace you, the good people of these here forums, with my infinitely phenomenal knowledge of a game I know nothing about.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve watched no BL3 gameplay videos whatsoever, so I have absolutely no idea how action skills work in BL3, but it’s not that hard to figure out. The hexagons atop and to the sides of skill trees are action skills, chevrons are augments, and diamonds are elemental augments. You obviously get one of each. Ez. I think. Maybe. Probably not. Whatever, I love theory crafting so that’s exactly I did!

My build will focus mainly on action skills and melee, because these are things I like. Let’s begin with the skill calculator -

BRAWL: This skill tree has most of the skills I’ll want, and most of the skills in this tree sound great. Also contains 2/3 Amara’s melee damage increases. Most of this guide will be under this section.

One With Nature: 5 Points - Since we’re going back to level 50, maybe, health increases will probably be important again. Elemental resistance is important here too, we can only resist one element at a time so that’ll probably change depending on the area. +25% health and 60% resistance to action skill element.

Clarity: 5 Points - Health regeneration will probably make a difference too, until we get UVHM and OP levels again, assuming we get them at all. Bonus is doubled for 5 seconds after using an action skill, which we want to be doing as often as possible. 5% health regeneration, 10% for 5 seconds after using an action skill, though we mainly want this for the passive 5%.

Helping Hands: 5 Points - 20% damage reduction for eight seconds after using an action. We’ll be getting up to 10% health regeneration for 5 of those seconds. Nice skill synergy here.

Mindfulness: 3 Points - A weird stacking skill that gains stacks when you take damage. The shield recharge delay probably wont make a big deal here as we’ll be taking damage often, but the movement speed should be nice. +4.2% movement speed and -7.5% shield recharge delay per stack, max 25 stacks. Max 105% movement speed just for taking damage? Yes! According to the card stacks hold for 5 seconds, we’ll have to see how quickly they build.

Find Your Centre: Minor capstone - One of Amara’s few melee damage skills. +22% melee damage, and 50% melee range for 8 seconds after using an action skill, a pretty straight forward skill that speaks for itself.

Samsara: 3 Points - Another weird stacking skill, and this one sounds amazing! We’ll have to see how well it performs though. +6% gun damage and 3% movement speed per stack, max 25 stacks. Stacks build when dealing action skill damage. How quickly stacks build remains to be seen but the card implies they hold for 8 seconds. Whether action skill augment and element damage also builds stacks remains to be seen but if the applied DoT does build and maintain stacks then this skill will be ridiculous. It may override the need for Clarity altogether, in which case I’d take Root to Rise instead for +25% max health.

Do Unto Others: * 1 Point* - This skill seems rather odd. Taking damage causes a homing orb to hit the attacker that deals action skill element damage. Think of an Impaler that only activates once every 8 seconds. It doesn’t sound great, but like all things it remains to be seen, and it only takes 1 point.

Jab Cross: 5 Points - When dealing melee damage, which we’ll be doing often, gain 50% weapon damage and 55% action skill for 20 seconds WHAT!? YES! I wonder if this skill also boosts action skill augments and elemental damage.

Guardian Angel: 1 Point - Now this skill is just ridiculous. Get an instant second wind and full health after going down uh again WHAT!? 60 second cooldown and it only takes 1 point!? Yeah, actually WHAT!?

Blitz: Capstone - Melee override. Dash forward and deal elemental melee damage? 10 second cooldown or instant cooldown if Blitz kills. This will make Amara play like melee Athena, and I dig it.

SKILL DISCUSSION: If Samsara does render Clarity’s +10% health regeneration after using an action skill useless, I might consider taking Root to Rise instead for +25% max health, which will further benefit health regeneration. Vigor seems useless when Mindfulness is in the same tier and should be active more often, and can provide a much greater increase to movement speed. Arms Deal doesn’t seem too great either, +15% splash damage resistance doesn’t sound like a whole lot and situational to boot. Every great skill tree has one bad skill, this one has two. Maybe.

MYSTICAL ASSAULT: This tree seems to revolve around the “Rush” stacking mechanic. Minimum investment here but three very important skills to this build.

Do Harm: 5 Points - Gain a stack of Rush after a kill, up to 10 stacks, for +3% action skill damage per stack which are consumed upon using an action skill. Up to 30% action skill damage.

Restless: 5 Points - +20% action skill cooldown rate. Great synergy with Do Harm, Clarity, Helping Hands, and Samsara.

Ascendant: Minor Capstone - Increases the effects of all action skill augments. This needs no further description.

FIST OF THE ELEMENTS: This tree has a lot of skills that I want. Perhaps with a future level cap increase, or if the level cap on release is higher than 50. For now, minimum investment.

Anima: 5 Points - Increased DoT damage and duration, and action skill elemental DoT damage. +10% damage, 50% duration, and 30% action skill elemental damage. This is a great skill as the effective damage increase is quite extreme. Also buffs action skill damage. Holding out for action skill elemental damage and DoT to proc Samsora, in which case this skill would have amazing synergy.

Illuminated Fist: 1 Point - Amara’s last melee damage increase. +28% melee damage and converts melee damage to action skill element. Not so beneficial against shielded enemies, but we’ll see just how much damage Amara’s melee is capable of dealing. Synergy with Blitz.

ACTION SKILL: Since we’ll be spending a lot of time in melee range, Phaseslam sounds like the ideal action skill. Depending how long Downfall lasts for and if it stacks Samsara efficiently, it may be preferable, and a longer cooldown will benefit more from Restless, but it will also slow down movement.

Augment: I assume you can only augment an action skill with an augment from the same skill tree. If this is the case here, then I want Revelation and hope the nova applies action skill element and procs Samsara. If I’m wrong, Soul Sap becomes a consideration.

Action skill element: If my above assumption is correct, there’s only one to choose from. If not, you’ll have access to both so use whichever fits the situation.

In short, I have no idea. I like two action skills and two augments. I really should watch a gameplay video and do a little research before talking ■■■■. But I’m obviously right about everything and I can’t wait to play and figure this all out! This will be my first build in BL3, and that’s what matters here.


Re: Action Skills


Thank you, I thought I was on the right track but didn’t want to presume to know something I didn’t.


I’m only 94% certain of these things.

My knowledge is a sham.


Eh, you know your stuff, and I’d like think I do too. 94% absorption chance means we’re only hit with an autocorrelate 6% of the time. I’ll take those odds.


I’ve seen video of Do Unto Others. It LOOKS so cool that even if the damage and cool down aren’t great, seeing a mob take an orb that you flung is KINDA DOPE.

Don’t forget that Arms deal also INCREASES YOUR splash damage. Which means, say, like, a powerful maliwan shot gun or something, gets more oomph. Also…is elemental melee damage considered splash? Are the action skills made of splash?

Not to crush your min maxing. But maybe instead of 5/5 in Do Harm, you pop one of those points into…uh, Violent Tapestry? The other rush stack maker. That way you have two sources of rush stacks?

If your action skill element is Shock (default) then meleeing shielded enemies could be really badass

The language was written in the Stillness of Mind augment that the augments can definitely be tossed from tree to tree :slight_smile: it’s probably my favorite thing about her augments, because it makes her sooool customizable.

Zane may be the closest I can get to my Chaos Gaige build. But Amara is gonna be my main. I’ve already come up with a sniper of the elements build and a few hybrid melee ideas.

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Yeah, but it’s still only 15%. Maybe with more skill points and if gun damage scales really high at high levels I’d consider it.

Unless those two questions are answered with a solid ■■■■ yes.

With more skill points I fully intend to take this skill. I really want Wild Fire and Conflux. Surely there will be a COM that boosts those skills, +5 in both would be insane. They’ll synergise so well with Sustainment too, everything taking multiple DoTs should in theory keep you topped up, it’s basically Amara’s version of Life Tap. Not that she’s not tanky enough already. I really really like Anima as well, sounds mental for a tier 1 skill. Maybe on release I will drag one point away for Violent Tapestry, we’ll see.

Aside from Amara being everything I want in a Borderlands character, I love that BL3 characters are customisable, and Amara offers a lot of customisation. I like Zane too, not really interested in Moze or Fl4k, although we haven’t seen the latter’s skill trees yet.

The Rush tree interests me the least. There are a few cool sounding skills, but unless we get enough skill points to justify heavy investment I’ll mostly be focused in Brawl and Fist of the Elements.

If the early cap is 50, and the next cap is +10-11, I’ll probably spec out of Mystical Assault for the skills I mentioned above, then spec back into it with the second level cap increase. Assuming that’s how it happens in BL3.

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Hai Silf.

Been a minute.

We gonna be yelling siren stuff at each other again for the next two years?

Uh, maybe? Um, oh boy…

I don’t recognise your username :sweat_smile:

Yelling Siren stuff does sound great though :grin:

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Ah, well, like I said, it’s been a bit. I think on the old boards I cycled between goblinArsonist, Cardholderdoe, and Black Mage (maybe?).

I think you’re on my steam friends list but I may be incorrect.

Anyway, I remember the name what with the lif.

And yeah, that does seem fun.


I’m on PS4 lol always have been.

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Dynamic Demonstations


I rest my point, and don’t think I have anything left to prove.

Why melee is better -

With a spectator -


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Well I mean, the end goal is the same.

Still, time will tell. There’s totes a chance that either side just gets boned from “new version math”. I’m rooting for both of us in any case.

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A Siren is a Siren. So long as you’re not some lame pet class :+1:

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Nah, probably as an alt though. I was originally excited about Moze, cause who doesn’t like a giant robot? But after seeing her skill trees she feels a bit more flat/contained than Amara/Zane. If FL4K wow’s me I may go that route, but right now I’m liking Zane as my second because he seems to have a similar level of customization to Amara and I like that.

Yeah I’m kinda the same. First impression Moze piqued my interest but she hasn’t really wowed me since. I love theory crafting, Amara and Zane just give so many opportunities to do that. Customisable builds hell yeah, lotta possibilities will be explored on release. FL4K doesn’t interest me at all, I’d rather be in the middle of the fight destroying ■■■■ myself so pet classes don’t interest me much.

I think it depends on how dynamic the pet stuff really winds up being. I tend towards magey characters, but have a soft spot for summoners. If the pets are unique/fun enough or if I can customize them quite a bit, it seems like he could be really fun! If every tree effectively boils down to “This is a tanking pet, put points here to make it tankier” or “This is your DPS pet, put points here for more of that” then I don’t think it’ll interest me. Being able to build the “perfect monster” seems fun though, if it takes more after Amara/Zane than moze.

All hail the mighty sharktocrab.

Of course we don’t know for sure, but just looking at Amara’s and Zane’s skill trees I don’t think it will go this way. Would probably piss a lot of people off it did. That system is more in the light of BL2 and TPS, Wilhelm being the best example. These skill trees are way more sophisticated than that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see only one whole tree dedicated to decking out all of your pets, and the others for whatever else FL4K does. Explosives and gunplay anyone? I mean, flak, amirite?


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It’s noteworthy how much attention they seem to be putting toward friendly AI in this game. We see our vault hunters fighting alongside Zero on Promethea, and you could revive or get revived by him. Amara has Thoughtlock 2.0. Zane can direct his drone, and he can give his clone a copy of his gun, his shield, or his grenade. Moze can exit the iron bear and have it fight without her for a couple seconds. FL4K is a pet class. So there is no class without friendly AI somewhere. I even saw a legendary grenade that had a chance to convey certain enemy types to your side.

I’m pretty excited to see how it works out. And I’ve never really been huge on pets, I tend to go for skills that help your gunplay. My favorite pets were probably Wolf and Saint, since painting enemies with Wolf was a nice feedback loop and kept the focus on the action. I think TPS did a good job creating options so that use your pets how you wanted to, I’d expect BL3 to follow suit

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