Master of Shayne and Aurox

Just wondering, how many people have gotten mastery with her yet? Also, has anybody gotten any other taunts besides the default 3?

Sadly, I’m only at 10 T.T.
Did get a few taunts though: Puppet master and Rock Paper Taunt. Puppet master plays some music as Aurox pretends to be a, you guessed it, Puppet master.
Rock Paper Taunt is my favorite I have, and it’s just them playing Rock Paper Scissors, Shayne loses, looks sad, then Aurox pretends to slice her head off, while pointing at the Camera.

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Very nice. Can’t wait to get those. Sadly can’t play anymore of the beta since now I’m on a work trip now :/. But I was able to get master of Shayne and Aurox and get to command lvl 46. Had lots of fun, can’t wait for the full game.

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Whered you get the taunts? All I’ve got is one purple and gold skin from a rouge commander loot box iirc

Buy Rogue Loot packs.

Thats all I’ve spent money on all beta long and I’m level 40 now lol. Oh well

Yeah, I think I just got lucky, and happened to get a skin and some taunts for the character I like most.
Sidenote, I’ve recently been playing Deande now, and I’m surprised how tanky she is as well. Not quite the same level of tank, but she can take a hit.
Seems stealthers have a bit of meat to them.