Master of Toby finally

Just a quick opinion / tips maybe guide to doing this.

I can tell you now right off the bat this was a pain a massive penguin mech suit death machine pain. First Toby is a hard to use character that is best at mid to long range sitting behind his shield doing lane clear with his rail gun an maintaining lanes. This would be fine however his lore as well all know to get ten double kills with his ult is the hardest in the game by a long way. His Ult slows you you can be stunned out of it an does barely any damage so you see the issues around this. You can get a kill with any method then the second after within 10 seconds to achieve progress to this lore. However that only slightly makes things easier, I personally did this mainly in capture an incursion once you unlock the ability in the helix to stun with the mine i believe this is rank 4 it helps alot i would stun an kill a enemy an then try to use my Ult in the 10 seconds on a lower health enemy thats how i achieved all my double kills. It does help to play in a team with people with Stuns because you can set up this easier. It took me 58 games in pvp to master Toby im a decent pvp player but it was very tough regardless.

His other lore isn’t to bad an will get most without noticing other then Temper temper ta boom. This requires you to kill 20 enemies with self destruct. Self destruct is a level 7 helix mutation that you will earn by leveling toby. Once acquired it is easy to do go into pvp level and then stand in a group of enemies an let them kill you.

Sorry about all the text im just happy to finally master Toby i feel like it’s fairly rare any questions please ask im sure alot of you know about this stuff but feel free if anyone would like to talk :slight_smile:



You wasted your time with temper temper ta-boom. I started up " the sentinel" story mission, found four of the 5-strong groups of primal thralls, and completed the lore in ten minutes and four lives. It’s really Gearbox’s fault for not making the lore challenge requirements more specific. As to killing on rails, i’ve given up until Gearbox changes it. Which i’m sure they will; roughly half of Toby-related threads are about this.

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Congrats! I found his ultimate focused lore to be more of a pain that the self destruct one myself.

Well done man ! that’s awesome you must be very lucky or got great skill

I’ve 0/10 for the ult lore … :cry: I’m very good with him but from far, and the lore can’t match with this

For the lore change, Gearbox hear us, they think about a change maybe, but that’s cool that some people get it, even if it’s very hard ! :relieved:
good job again man ! :smile:

I meant i went into Pve not Pvp for the temper temper one my bad typo but the way you did it is still faster then mine :slight_smile: Also yes they are aware of toby ult messaged a few of them on twitter to which the reply is they will be looking into it not sure how long that will take tho.

Yea it’s very difficult to do the 10 double kills. Made me want to snap the game in half a fair few times haha

It’s a mixture of both i think the way to do it i found is stun with a direct hit from the mine kill that player. Then use the ult on another also helps if you have friends who can play with you an stuff / get the other team to lower health.

This is the news i needed after almost dying on a mountain… again.

Congratulations! You completed one of the hardest lores in the game by far.