"Master" Petplay sucks :( FL4K

I like my blue Master Horn Pet with GammaSlave but esp in the true vault Hunter Mode it sucks to play :frowning:

I saw some enemies and activate Gammaslave, then the pet teleport to the enemies (it it works) and the Dmg is quite nice, but if the mob is fast, or running around, or teleporting, or he is on a platform, or he don’t touch the ground and floating my pet is useless as hell, cause i cant activate the GammaSlave. At the end he is dead again and again :(:disappointed_relieved:

He cant do any dmg, he is just running after him until the Gamma wears of. His ability to throw that barrel is to slow, same problem with his “range Attack” you can easily run away.

As Tank useless to, cause most of the mob´s fire at me while the pet hits they…

Why is the Ammo so expensive? I get 10k for the Quest and have to pay 25k for the Ammo really?

Maybe have a look at your build and gear, I’ve never had to spend 25K at the machine, also if you are lvl50 25K is like nothing, open a few loot boxes and you already have more (and free ammo along)


sure are 25k nothing, but if you need Millions to upgrade the AmmoCap :wink: Still Lvl 41

S goat ja nüüt hä odr :stuck_out_tongue:

The pet build is curently not viable, this problem will be adressed in an incoming patch, it was teased in a video


It should definitely be fine on lvl 41, problems happen in Mayhem levels.

It start to suck with TVHM

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I ran a gamma master tree build even on M3 and it was okay, I have no idea what you are talking about. Get some skills that will keep your pet alive and its health will pretty much stay topped off as long as you are dealing damage.

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Oh the pet obviously stay alive, I run a crit build and my pet is borderline immortal (appart from some annointed) it just don’t deal any damage

Try staying back and telling the pet to attack the enemies in front. It will allow you to stay safe to snipe whatever you need while the immortal pet tanks like a champ. Pretty much the only way it can work.

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ahh ok, that gives me some new hope ty :slight_smile:

playing in TVHM Mode atm
maybe the reason is, that iam not a hero like you :stuck_out_tongue:

Which pet build, are you talking about FL4K in general, as all of his builds involve a pet??? Pls advise as I had not heard this before.

I’m not really good at this game either, just look up some builds online and it should help you see how to play with such a build and what items you need :slight_smile:

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I’m also level 41 and just completed the campaign. How were you able to start TVHM? I wasn’t given the option on my FL4K. It did give me the option to start Mayhem 1, which it did automatically for some reason. Or let’s just say it told me to place the object on the alter before I realized what was going on.

Question for you all: I thought we weren’t able to start TVHM until we were level 50, this can’t be true with what you just said??

Mayhem 1 gives out so much more $$$, eridium and better weapons. Can I run TVHM and Mayhem 1 at the same time???

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using the Master (blue section) horn pet and near4ly unlocked all in the Master section. maybe I try a respec. Playing in the TVHM and the Mayhem Mode isn’t activated atm.

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I’m the same level as you and I guess the reason I was given Mayhem option is that I just completed the campaign. I’ve respec’d 10 times I think, most trying to beat Pain and Terror. Finally did with the RAAK build but then had to go back to Stalker (green) to beat the final bosses.

Stalker build helps a ton to deal massive damage for those 3 shots you get. It also helps to keep FL4K alive in the heat of the moment, or at least it does for me.

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Hmm, like you i completed the campaign and started with the same Char, a so called new Game+ in the now available TVHM. At that point i was like lvl 39 . In German called wahrer Kammerjäger Modus, as you can see on the Pic.

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Hi there and thanks for the reply. I found it that night when I logged out to see the main BL page. I tried it for a half hour or so and didn’t like it, at least for right now. I had gotten a taste of Mayhem 1 with the increased XP, cash and loot that I decided to forgo TVHM for now and just stick to Mayhem mode to finish out all the side missions, etc.

I got to level 44 that night so maybe once I max out the level I’ll have to do something else. Not sure, but isn’t 50 max unless you go TVHM?

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Hi :slight_smile:

Atm Lvl 45 TVHM and Chaos 2 (so they called mayhem in German Version) 80% works quite well, but those god dam sucker Mobs ruin all the fun :frowning: They resist nearly all and I need for sure 500 to 800 rounds for 1 Mob. Sorry BL, those Bulletsponges suck so badly. Also the permanent teleport all 2 Seconds is crap, makes Grenades totally useless :frowning:

Or the Monster who can hit you with any kind of Weapon at any Range. It looks, that they all using that fire and forget Missle´s :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Problem is the respawn time, cause if you need that long you will be get Problems.

I just needed around 3 hours to complete the “under Meridian” Mission. Died about 30 times . Why have the Monster unlimited Ammo? Why BL removed the Dummy at Marcus shooting Range and replaced it with such crap?

Is there any way to show me the Spec´s of my Char incl. Pet? I using some Items like a Artifact, who gives me like 25% more SMG Dmg, but I cant see any difference in the Weapons Menu?

Hopefully the next few Patches will change all that Problems.

All in all BL3 is a great Game :slight_smile: