Master Tree Capstone Rework

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who dislikes dominance, but I’d prefer the capstone changed to something more along the lines of the Beastmaster tree’s pet focus. I’m thinking something like allowing a pet/variation from anywhere on any tree or letting them have 2 active pets, but they each deal 30-40% less damage than they would solo. Something that feels more “beast master” and worth the investment

In case you haven’t seen it Dominance is getting a rework with the patch that gives compatibility with the first of the 2 upcoming DLC’s (the skill reworks are free and a part of the patch itself, only the arms race mode and new skill trees aren’t free).


Honestly, you could summon all 6 T2+T3 pets and I still don’t know that they would deal a game changing amount of damage. Outside of He Bites and Splash Attacks I doubt all 6 pets could compete in TTK with a solid gun build.

I saw the changes they made but it still doesn’t feel in line with the whole “Beastmaster” thing the tree(and their trailer) seems to be going for.

As for balancing it with gun builds I hadn’t considered that, but I’m sure there would be an argument for gear being a requirement for other builds vs having a gearless build revolving around pets If they came too close. Not that I’d mind, I wanted to play fl4k as a Beastmaster…not Zer0 2.0

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Well, from what I could gather it seems as if the 4th skill tree is pretty transformative for pet builds and not just the Loader Bot, but for every pet. Giving your pets your nova shields plus Atomic Aroma with the ability to crit makes a massive difference.

For balancing pets damage output with guns, which is a necessary thing, that’s all in the pay to play skill trees.-_-

Giving them shields opens them up to getting the benfit of mayhem scaled shield effects, to both help them do damage as well as keep other skills active.

And the way to make dominance good is simple and has been said many times, make dominated enemies counted as a secondary pet for all skills, while still allowing us to damage/kill them.

Even better make it work on bosses since it can only be done once per enemy.