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Guys take it to PM or another thread please.

sorry, but correction needed : “the chocolate chips you assumed there would be”

(and just to be clear, I was also disappointed concerning the formations. But saying that they “promised” them is just plain wrong)


I guess they never did promise it, but yeah… you get told you’re getting Homeworld, you expect to get Homeworld. I’m not a developer though, so I guess I should just reel my neck in. But as Kenny has pointed out elsewhere… that doesn’t mean it’s beyond criticism. Anyway… new patch coming in. Thank Sajuuk :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree that it doesn’t mean it’s beyond criticism ! None of us has never said that (and I would certainly not !)
It’s the way the criticism are sometimes formulated which is a problem :wink:
And yes, the patch will be warmly welcome by everybody (I suppose) when it finally lands :slight_smile:

Why play HW2 Classic though? The ships work the same as they always did in HW2 Remastered, the ‘broken’ formations issue is only for the behaviour of HW1 ships ported to the HW2 engine (ie, HW1 Remastered).

Guys. Just talk about the games here. Not your feelings about other forum users.


Trying some nicer formatting here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ya that was bad… Semi fixed it from my cell phone. The forum’s bulleted list option doesnt appear on mobile though.

Can do it manually with [space]-[space]

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I thought I had reported these before, but came across with them today.
A) One of the badge areas in the mothership and
B) a little glitch in the hull (at least to me):

click here ![image](upload://y3VauutByzabf4XAbdP1sFNcIOO.jpg)

@Chimas , FYI the MS graphic glitches were fixed in Gearbox’s Patch Preview way back in July 2016 (see multiplayer forum sticky topics). Its also included in the 2.3 Players Patch.

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