Master Troubleshooting Thread (Crashing, Graphic Issues, Syncing)

I went through the tech support threads on Gearbox forums from 2015-2018, and combined the solutions here. I’ve listed all the known solutions to crashing on load, major graphic issues, and multiplayer syncing - so look no further!

General Crashing (Launcher, Remastered, and Classics)

  • Verify game catch: Steam Libary->Right Click on the game->Properties->Local Files->Verify Integrity of game cache
  • Uninstall and re-install homeworld: Steam Libary->Right Click on the game->Properties->Local Files->Delete local game content, then install again. Ensure your anti-virus software is disabled during installation.
  • Restart your PC after installing the game
  • Restart your steam client
  • Exclude the games in your anti-virus, and optionally temporarily disable anti-virus for testing.
  • Disable any overclocking software, especially GPU overclocking software.
  • Uninstall your graphic drivers, restart, then install the latest graphic drivers clean
  • Update your Microsoft .NET framework
  • Update your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables
  • See the other crashing sections below. As a last resort reinstall windows fresh, old drivers could be corrupted due to a bad shutdown, bad windows upgrade, etc. Additionally you may have a hardware issue like a bad power supply.

Launcher Crashing

When you start the Homeworld Remastered Collection, the Launcher opens first. If the launcher is crashing:

  • Try troubleshooting the launcher located here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HWLauncher\Launcher.exe
    right click->run as administrator
    right click->properties->and mess with compatibility settings.
  • If the launcher application wont start, you can create shortcuts to run the games directly:
    • HW Remastered Multiplayer:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HomeworldRM.exe”
    • HW 1 Remastered Campaign:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HomeworldRM.exe” -dlccampaign HW1Campaign.big -campaign HomeworldClassic -moviepath DataHW1Campaign
    • HW 2 Remastered Campaign:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HomeworldRM.exe” -dlccampaign HW2Campaign.big -campaign Ascension -moviepath DataHW2Campaign
    • HW 2 Classic:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\Homeworld2Classic\Bin\Release\homeworld2.exe”
    • HW 1 Classic:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\Homeworld1Classic\exe\Homeworld.exe”

Homeworld Remastered Crashing

  • Basic debugging: Check the bottom of the log file for clues, by opening the following file in notepad:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HwRM.log”
  • Advanced debugging: Go to your Steam Library and right click on Homeworld Remastered Collection. Click Properties, click Set Launch Options, and type in the following without the quotes “-luatrace”. Play the game until you crash. Go to
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HwRM.log”. Review the bottom of log for any hints. Be sure to save a copy of the log, as its over-written the next time you start the game.
  • Player profile can get corrupted, delete it from:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles\Profile#”
  • Delete left-over files from old patches:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\DATAUPDATES”
    This folder should only contain ‘DataMP.big’ (as of HWR v2.1)
  • Be sure to download the DLC campaigns

Homeworld 2 Classic Crashing

Graphic Issues (Remastered and Homeworld 2 Classic)

  • Disable any graphic overlay software: MSI afterburner, ATI afterburner, Raptr, Overwolf, AMD gaming evolved, etc. Even the Steam Overlay has been known to cause FPS problems as discovered here.
  • Change v-sync graphic options.
  • Set all graphic options to their lowest settings, and slowly turn things back on. Especially the texture size! (most people should use 1024 or 2048)
  • Try setting the game’s affinity to one core in the Windows Task Manager process list. You can do this by adding “-onethread” to the Launch Options in the Properties for Homeworld Remastered inside Steam.
  • Try an older graphic driver that may be more stable. (Note: for Windows 7 64-bit with RX470: use AMD driver version 17, NOT earlier ones.) (Note: HWR runs OpenGL 3.3 not DirectX)
  • You can also mess with your ATI/Nvidia control panel application specific settings.
  • In the NVIDIA control panel, make sure the game is using the NVidia card, and not an integrated graphics card on the motherboard. Go to Manage 3D settings > Global Settings > Preferred Graphics Processor and select Nvidia processor.
  • Right click on the following file, click properties, and click compatibility. Disable display scaling for high DPI settings.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HomeworldRM.exe
  • For multi-monitor setups, press Ctrl+F11 to bind/unbind the mouse to HWR

Syncing or Bad Framerate in Skirmish/Multiplayer (Remastered)

  • Your FPS should never dip below 20fps or you risk syncing out of multiplayer games. HWR needs to run 20fps or more for MP, because that’s the rate used for the world-sim. (To enable FPS display, go to Steam Settings->In-Game->FPS counter). 3v3’s can make even the best PC’s cry. All CPU’s struggle when there’s a lot of ships in the game (HWR is still a single core game), and most video cards can’t handle HWR when textures from all 4 races are loaded.
  • If keeping your current hardware, you may need to set all the graphic options to the lowest settings and even lower your resolution to 1024x768.
  • Upgrade your PC. This is a single core game, so you want a great cpu for single threaded applications. This list ranks them: Graphics cards aren’t as important if you set all your graphics low, but if you want to set them high you’ll need a good card with 4GB of memory to handle textures from all 4 races. Also the game only uses 2GB of RAM, so that’s not very important. This is the setup I run, and big 3v3 battles can still take it down to 25fps at 1080p with all graphic options near their lowest settings: i5-4690 3.5 ghz quad core, 8 GB RAM, Radeon R9 380.

Gearbox Support

Game Bugs

  • If your unable to build ships on a certain row of the build menu, just restart the game or Alt-Tab. Sometimes the mouse doesn’t register on the menu.
  • Check out the community created 2.3 Players Patch which addresses many HWR Bugs.

I was thinking just yesterday that it would be great to have a general “issues” thread !

@Jeffybug : would be great if it could be stickied :slight_smile:

Edit : Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Seems like the game does not recognize the -nopbuffer line. Here:


It just works perfeclty fine, it was an error on my part since I launched Homeworld 1 Classic instead of 2 Classic.

Thats for homeworld 2 classic, looks like your running homeworld 1 classic. You have to remove the command line when running homeworld 1 classic.

Whops sorry, my bad.

Still, I’ve found a little discussion about tutorials not starting on both classics due to localization. I’ve tested it and can confirm that in the italian localization both classic tutorials won’t start, but will do if the game is in english (don’t know for other languages). Probably this bug has already been reported, but untill it’s fixed may I ask you to add this in your first post? Thaks :slight_smile:

This thread is for crashing on load and graphic issues related to your PC setup. In-game bugs can be reported in their own thread, or here: Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

Any easy fixes for ship trails not displaying correctly in HW2 Classic?

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Thanks. I’ll give it a comb through when I get home. Word on the street is that it’s something to do with an ati dll file that you can replace with an older one to get it to work right. It’s just hard to see where fighters and corvettes are when zoomed out when the trails aren’t there. It also looks cool as hell, and I’m not playing Remastered until they sort their ■■■■ out with formations not working. I also hear HW2 Remastered’s difficulty is like babby mode, so yeah, playing Classic first since I never got to play it when it first came out.

Instead of wailing about with ignorant bitterness, you could just rip open the trail mod I linked and see what they did to fix it.

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I’m out and about with my laptop. I’m just checking my messages. I already said I’d look into it when I get home. Is it that hard to understand? Don’t be such a dick. I already thanked you for the link. Christ.

After so many months of hearing people complain about how they wish Homeworld had never been resurrected? Yah, it’s easy to be a dick about it.

I’m sorry I expect my video games to be completed when they hit release, not this constant stream of alphas, early access, beta releases and rushed-before-Christmas titles. People have good reason to be pissed off with the way the gaming industry keeps treating its customers. And for the record, I’m super glad it’s released. I’ve said so in heaps of posts. You can be glad you got a cookie and still annoyed that it doesn’t have the chocolate chips you were promised.

See that’s the thing, this isn’t like those. For Remastered to have HW1 style formations required they be added from scratch to the HW2 engine. Hence, nothing was ever “broken.”

Go boot up HW1 Remastered and watch your fighters screw up even a basic Delta Formation. Yes, it’s working the way it’s supposed to, but the way it’s supposed to work from a technical standpoint isn’t the way it’s meant to work from a gameplay standpoint. I realize it’s hard to code in from scratch but was it that easy to not notice this going wrong from early in development? What about QA and playtesting? They didn’t see it either?

Except they work exactly the way they did in Homeworld 2. Hence it would not have been on the radar of any of the playtesters, and they had the original devs as part of the team.

So you’re saying the playtesters never bothered checking HW1RM for bugs and problems? Literally hundreds of HW fans have noticed this problem, and as you said, have been moaning for months about it. Why did it slip past QA? Anyway. I get that you’re annoyed with my frustration. I get that. And it’s not productive to continue whining about it any further. I’ll just be glad when the patch finally comes out.

I’m saying that Homeworld 2 strikecraft behavior in what started as the Homeworld 2 engine would not have been viewed as a bug.

True, but I’m not sure that I can see HW1 strikecraft behaving like HW2 strikecraft do? Maybe I don’t have the eyes to see it? Does the engine treat each individual, say, interceptor, as it would a squad of interceptors from HW2?