Mastered Alani With Pure PVP

Finally Mastered Alani, pure PVP, no PVE grinding.

I’m fairly certain the Lifeguard reporting is crazy buggy.

Doing this took almost as long as getting Thorn’s ten airborne volley kills, although those came much easier near the end.

I NEVER thought I’d get Alani mastered!

Only 6 more characters to go!


Good job. I’ve only mastered Alani and Orendi (currently going for Toby and Ernest)
Can’t believe you got 22 out of 28 done

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I still need to level up a few characters… But I just find myself gravitating to the ones already done :sweat_smile:

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Lifeguard lore challenge is insanely buggy

Literally tested this exact thing in pve. For every 5 or so that I actually got, it only gave me 1 progress on the challenge


I did the same thing bud.

Mostly because I dislike grinding pve

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Congratz! 22/28 is awesome!

It must be bugged because the lifeguards have given up wasn’t hard for me to complete at all. I did it a couple of months back. Also I managed to get Thorn’s 10 airborne kills in one day, I don’t see why that one would be hard?

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It was hard because I suck at killing!

Still don’t have Worthy of Song despite 600 hours of PVP!

Add in MID AIR killing…?

With a specific skill…?


I don’t mind the pve grind, but I just HAD to know if it was buggy, or if I was just insane. Still testing the latter

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It IS buggy, reporting and activation wise.

Like so many other lore challenges in this game…

I got the lifeguard challenge quite easily thanks to playing alot of Echelon and having either team lose the first sentry as everyone tunnels in the middle en route to the second sentry. I did notice that it seems to register better when you get 2 friendlies and 3 enemies or 3 friendlies and 2 enemies, trying to include yourself makes it hard as it doesn’t register you properly all the time. another thing is it will register properly when the first initial wave hits the person as opposed to when someone steps on it after it has passed by them. lastly if you are still going for this challenge go with the helix that makes the wave go further rather than stay out longer as I said before if someone is stepping on it after it has passed by it won’t register them all the time. Hope that helps.

now if only I could get a game on Coldsnap so I can finish Kleese lore and have the game 100% for now.



I have completed all of Alani’s lore as of yesterday but thanks for that advice.

I have mastered Kleese.

I got super lucky 1.5 or 2 months ago and was able to find a match on every map in the game over the course of one Saturday afternoon / evening.

It was like Fate intervened just for me!

Nice. I keep queing up for quick match in the hopes of getting a match on the map but everyone avoids it like the Plague on Xone lol.



Toby’s killing on rails is going to drive me insane.

Right? @hobbitwarrior

Mostly just @hobbitwarrior though.

All other lores done…all but killing on rails.

Just need to get Marquis, Oscar Mike, Miko, Reyna, Orendi, Phoebe, Kelvin, Isic, and Melka. All those are 12 + mostly 13 or 14. Not long now…

Which means 19/28 soon to be 29! Kid Ultra Go!


It’ll be down to the last ten people still playing this game and I’ll still have to send them a message asking if 2 of them can just hold still for a second.

I’m never going to finish Toby.:disappointed:

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I dunno I’ve been getting strangely lucky getting those tough to achieve Pvp only lore challenges!

I still have to get Toby’s double-Ult-kill also, as well as his kill 10 enemies with his self destruct. THAT one will be PVE.

For his double ult kill I plan to just play a ton of matches as Toby running reduced cooldown and two gears with added skill damage on them, stick to weakened enemy groups, and pray for the best!

For Toby’s you only need to kill the SECOND enemy with the ult as part of a double.

Just get a kill with railgun first then fire up the ult for the second. Makes it WAY EASIER.

It’s bitter sweet a new BB is coming since I have all 28 mastered.

I’ve forgotten what lore is lol.


I feel you bud. It was painful getting the Lifeguard lore (super buggy)… it was the last lore I got in the game, now all I have to do is level everyone up :grin: