Mastered my main but can't move on

Hey guys, I finished my mastery with Reyna a couple nights ago and have been trying out other characters so I can add to my arsenal of choices. The problem is, after trying loads of characters I just find that I miss my burst heal, slow debuff or auto lock shots. I miss shredding shields and turning super saiyan.

You ever get in a rut and just think, I could play someone else but it’s just not the same? Any advice?

This may sound like not-advice for what’s really a non-problem, but when I sometimes want a break from my main, I usually let other make their choices first and then choose. If someone chooses my main (Miko, which honestly may be selected more often), I try something else - like my latest unlocked character.

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Orendi has a mutation that gives her secondary lock on abilities. Maybe that’ll help?

Other classes with lock-on mechanics:

Benedict: Ability causes primary attacks to home onto target for a duration.
Umbra: Primary is a constant auto-lock close range laseer.
Kleese: Secondary is an auto-lock close range taser.

There is no lock on abilities but El Dragon is super fun. Does insane damage has a get away or initiator. And can be tanks as well. Below is just the way I built him before mutations.

Helix: L/R, L, L, R, L, L/R, R, R, L, L.

That and if you want a hero that goes super saiyan, El Dragon is your man.

^ Didn’t even think about that but that’s super true. You gain attack speed, damage, extra skill effects and you’re all electrified and stuff!

Honestly, when I’m stuck in a rut on a MOBA and want to play something different. I usually go with either my least unlocked/mastered character or one that is the total opposite of what I’ve been playing lately.

Typically I go with the one that I find coolest visually at the moment. Seems kinda stupid, but Azir became my highest mastery champ in League and I’m just about to finish mastery on Caldarius.

Or hell, just push Random and go. Test your might!

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I’d say try some characters that are completely different instead of trying to get one that’s close. Give melee a shot, go for a pure offensive character, or try a tank. Since they have their own distinct qualities, maybe something different will appeal.

I had expected Ambra or Reyna to wind up as my main, but I find myself rapidly falling in love with playing the Geezer Pleaser.

This. Push random :stuck_out_tongue:
Once all my chars were already selected, so I told myself f*** this sh!t, I’m going random. Got Boldur. heh, why not.

Is that what most of you do, master one and then move on to another? I think I’m gunna go down that path with Oscar Mike. He suits me real well, especially the going invis defense. That’s saved my ass more than once so far in my short timed playing the game.

I’ve been dabbling with all the characters, with more extensive playtime with a few. My hope is to eventually have at least 3-4 I am really comfortable playing depending on the game mode and what the team needs.

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Gotta test that. will you get bonus character XP for going random? would be neato :slight_smile:

Having a mastered character that is good for both pvp and pve is worth it every second. But I play a variety of roles and characters for the fun and to know their kits better

Thanks for the advice all, trying out Melee at the moment to see how that does. Probably gonna try kleese as well he seems to closest to what I enjoyed with Reyna. So far I’m enjoying boldur…

Also recommend trying out Melka as melee. I played her yesterday. First game I was playing safe using her gun, but really didn’t do much for damage/kills. Next game I went pure melee (on Renegade map) and with all those waves of enemies she just shined, popping poison grenades (on reload) and spikes like nobodies business, destroying all the things. She is now one of my fav characters.

I like to fill whatever need the group is missing.
If I see there is no healer then I go healer.
If I see there is no front line guy then I’ll with a front line guy.
If there is not enough ranged dps I’ll go range dps.

when the game launched, reynawas the character I really wanted to get great at. I like her ability to make the entire team stronger and turn a team fight around. But I have found a new love and his name is Kleese. He’s actually quite different from Reyna, but I wanted just a bit more offense while still being able to support the team and he provides that.


What they could really benefit from is an all random game type. :slight_smile: I love the ■■■■ outta Assault on smite. I mean sure sometimes you get royally screwed on team composition, but that’s half the fun.