Mastering a Character

So this is a Beta and thus all our data will be wiped upon release. However, if you have Mastered a character what does that net you? Upon release you no longer have that rank or other goodies that came along with it. Should there be a special skin you acquire upon release for the character(s) you have mastered or something else? It’s something that’s been in my mind and making me question “why” I should do something that I’ll have to do all over again.

You shouldn’t?


I mean there is no reason to master a character in the beta, since you will have to do it again. If you end up mastering one because you love playing them and play only them all Beta, more power to you, but doing it for the acheivement is pointless right now.

PS4 data carries over, or so I read here on the forums.

Someone lied. It does not (unless they meant from their early start Beta into the open for all beta period.)

On launch everyone will have clean slate.

Hm, oh well. I don’t mind getting my favorite back to rank 15. Just means I won’t play any other Battleborn for a bit.

Having more story mode episodes and an additional PvP mode should help make it feel like less of a grind the second time around. Plus many of the characters whose alternate unlock is a story episode should be able to be unlocked earlier.

Yeah, that’s true. Besides the 1 character I really want to try is Alani, so plenty of time to rank up my favorite & play the others.

Have to admit, I’m curious and excited about her too. I’ve enjoyed all the other eldrid so far.