Mastering thorn

(Alchemyforever) #1

so after i master miko im planning on mastering thorn but i looked at her challenges and it looks like ill never master her(or itll be really hard) because one of them i have to win on “the sentinel” or the archive i forgot which on advanced difficulty without losing any lives…WTF this is going to be impossible

(Hobo4Lyfe) #2

Nah. That isn’t so bad. Thorn is actually pretty well suited for the Archive. She’s agile and fast, can cover the distances in that map easily. It’s Thralls and Varelsi, so her big crits play very well there, and she can ring Bagranth’s bell pretty darn well.

Get a good team, some support, maybe some Stealth revive, and have your team stick together. You’ll make it through.

(beta382) #3

Possibly the easiest lore challenge out there outside of doing 30k healing with Miko. Archive is an extremely easy mission, especially solo. Thorn is top tier for PvE. Massive crits, crazy AoE and burst. Honestly a cakewalk. If you’re really having trouble, bring a builder loadout (free shard and wrench) and just buy all the thumpers to have them do the mission for you.

(Alchemyforever) #4

if the archive is the mission im thinking of where you have to escort the sentry through tons of enemies i dont think it will be so easy especially on advanced

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #5

The Archive lore is EZ-PZ. the one you’ll want to kill bunnies over will be the 10 in-air Volley Kills. Recently started with Thorn and that’s the only lore I’m missing at just 6/10.

(Alchemyforever) #6

i can just do the volley one on minions so it wont be that hard at all

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #7

If minions are battleborn, sure.
Otherwise, tough cookies. lol

(Alchemyforever) #8

ive done it with minions and it works

(beta382) #9

It does not work on minions. You are mistaken. It specifically requires Battleborn kills.

(Alchemyforever) #10

must be a bug then because ive killed 2 minions with it and had them count. unless i killed 2 battleborn with it unknowingly

(wisecarver) #11

If you are on Steam I can help you with The Archive advanced, no problem.

(Alchemyforever) #12

i just completed it in an hour and got the challenge done

(Diekthx) #13

Yeah, just bring a wrench and a shard generator and build everything. Makes it a cake walk if you build all the thumper turrets.

(Alchemyforever) #14

thats exactly what i did lol