Match character to manufacturer

I have seen references to allegiance runs. I’d like to do weapon allegiance characters (full allegiance seems too difficult at the moment). I have a Jakobs Zero and Bandit Sal. Who would you suggest for Dahl, Maliwan, and Vladof? (No krieg. Not my style of character.) I don’t mind duplicate characters.

Maya for Maliwan.
Axton for Dahl would be my first choice.
That leaves Vladof for Gaige.

If you can still change your mind about it, Sal should be Vladof.

Axton should be Torgue

Maya is probably the best character to do Dahl.

Zero Jakobs is perfect

Maliwan is either Gaige or Maya

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Fibber is Hyperion, ergo so is Gaige

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Bandit = Krieg (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Zero Maliwan
Maya Maliwan
Axton Maliwan

Uhhhhmmmmm… I really like Pimpernels.


Axton = Dahl or Torgue
Maya = Maliwan or Hyperion
Zer0 = Jakobs
Salvador = Bandit
Gaige = Hyperion or Maliwan

And Krieg doesn’t even need gear to work below level 72. But if you ultimately want to use him then Bandit is the way to go.

Bandit = Sal. Never reload! Never run out of bullets! Never die!
Mali - Maya. So many elemental boosts in her tree.
Vladof - Axton. Doesn’t he get non elemental bonuses? And giving him great fire rate is just great.
Zero - Jacobs. One shot. five kills.
Torgue for all! Explosions everywhere!

I guess it all depends on how strict you’re gonne be on the allegiance. If another brand can be accepted if the primary brand doesn’t have an option, then you can probably make it work in most cases. But if you go High Fidelity, then the list of manufacturers would get very short. Jakobs would be out, except on Maya and Gaige, simply because you have no way in hell to slag your enemies. Tediore only makes one COM, Necromancer, so that narrows it down a bit.

Axton - Torgue

Gaige - Maliwan or Hyperion

Krieg - Depending on playstyle… Melee = Bandit and Elemental = Maliwan (What about explosive, then? No Torgue COM, sorry!)

Maya - Hyperion (no Dahl COM)

Salvador - Vladof or Torgue

Zero - Hyperion (Not the optimal choice, but with no possible slagging method, this is a way to make a gun-Zero work. Melee -Zero is not an option because you’d have to go Bandit (no Ninja COM) or Maliwan (no roid shield), and that would cripple you.

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Maya–Maliwan and Jakobs.

Zer0–Vladof and Jakobs.

Gaige–Maliwan and Hyperion

Krieg–Torgue and Maliwan.

Axton–Torgue and Vladof



“Tedior only makes one COM” that’s what I meant by going allegiance for more than just weapons would be too hard at the moment.

I’ve only beat normal mode once on a “use whatever” character, so am not experienced with the game. The current weapon allegiance gives the game an added gimmick to keep it interesting. Because of the way I’m choosing to play, my secondary characters can’t get farther in story/level than their primary counterparts.

I’ve got a pseudo-Torgue Axton as well, but he’s also subbing Tediore when useful and isn’t very strict.

I did recently encounter an issue where the Jakobs allegiance is going to have to slip. I forgot that you have to set Varkids on fire to wake up Roland’s agent. I guess the allegiance can adjust when it’s necessary to completing story missions. To get ashes from bandits I’d been using barrels and grenades, but that won’t work on the varkids as memory is that you have to have three burning at once to count.

Never used a fire weapon for that: just run to one of those poles in the middle of the varkids’ fields, wait for some varkids to pop out of their holes, push the button and run away: done.

The hardest thing for a Jakobs allegiance, from my point of view, is that there aren’t Jakobs grenade mods.

I always light them on fire by luring a bunch next to a firefern plant. The initial explosion from it ignites them and you don’t need to worry about setting yourself on fire as the cutscene interrupts it.

:blush: OOPS! Guess I should have read that part a bit more carefully.

I really don’t get that
Have you guys played Salvador ?

Sal can make just about any mag nearly infinite, so why would you give him the manufacturer who’s gimmick is bigger mags ?
Sal is probably the character that benefits the least from Bandit’s mag size

Ronnie gets it :wink:

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Legendary Berzerker + 4 Badabooms is enough imo
Also, I’m not a Sal enthusiast, so I could be wrong (seems like it’s the case here).

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OH, I get it now, I forgot about my “destructor of worlds” build : Topneaas, Sham, Hoarder, Storm Front.
Yeah, Vladof and Bandit are the ways to go.

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I’ll have to try this before actually pulling out a Maliwan. Thanks for the suggestion.

If that’s not working for you there’s always ignition poles that are in varkid ranch and old johnsons home.[quote=“Nisciunu, post:12, topic:1549550”]
just run to one of those poles in the middle of the varkids’ fields, wait for some varkids to pop out of their holes, push the button and run away: done.

It took some time, but… Finally! :laughing: