Match character to manufacturer

That worked. Thank you for the advice. I will have to keep an eye open for environmental hazards like that for that purpose in the future. I tried to use a pyro’s flame thrower attack to light an effigy, but that did not work so I fell back to grenades.

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I guess it all depends on how strict you’re gonne be on the allegiance. If another brand can be accepted if the primary brand doesn’t have an option, then you can probably make it work in most cases. But if you go High Fidelity, then the list of manufacturers would get very short. Jakobs would be out, except on Maya and Gaige, simply because you have no way in hell to slag your enemies. Tediore only makes one COM, Necromancer, so that narrows it down a bit.[/quote]
Let us assume an eventual interest in high fidelity. Is there a link to a manufacturer-gear type table (who makes what for which class)? I get the impression posts like yours are pulling from memory. That is impressive, but I would prefer to not have to nag the forum experts each time.

Not sure about that but check the wiki pages for each manufacturer (not going to link them all here). I think they have lists of what they make on them but it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

This should help you out.

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I have a strong dislike for the pages, but I’ll take a look. Thanks.

Thanks. I wish it were not, but it’s what’s available.
I’ll go through and pull from what they have to build on it.
From what I see, all relics are Eridian, is that accurate?

The only character that could pick Eridian is Krieg for the Sheriff’s Badge, shame that we don’t have Eridian weapons like in BL1 :confused:

Yeah! At least I can’t think of one that isn’t… :slight_smile:

However… It would be strange to do an allegiance build without an allegiance Relic. Most people consider them neutral. And even if we don’t know much about them, they don’t seem “manufactured” to me. More like an enchanted piece of rock, if you ask me. So, I would consider an allegiance relic to be a cornerstone in an allegiance build. A necessity!